Progress Notes Sample Clauses

Progress Notes. 15.1. CONTRACTOR shall create progress notes for the provision of all SMHS services provided under this Agreement.
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Progress Notes. Progress notes are required each day TBS is delivered and must include a comprehensive summary covering the time that services were provided. In the progress note, the time of the service may be noted by contact/shift. As with other MHP progress notes, staff travel and documentation time are included with direct service time; on call time may not be claimed. The following must be clearly documented:
Progress Notes. 1) The Contractor shall ensure that progress notes describe how services provided reduced impairment, restored functioning, or prevented significant deterioration in an important area of life functioning outlined in the client plan. Items that shall be contained in the client record related to the beneficiary’s progress in treatment include:
Progress Notes. County requires a progress note section in the client record and that a client record contain the following information:
Progress Notes. 20.5.1 Contractor shall create progress notes for the provision of all DMC-ODS services provided under this Agreement.
Progress Notes. Progress Notes provide a means for monitoring a client's progress throughout treatment/counseling. Progress notes are also used to examine a client's progress toward treatment/counseling goals, the development of new issues and goals, and the modification of the initial treatment/counseling plan. In supervision, these notes provide a means for the supervisor to track the progress of the client and the supervisee. Progress notes should be brief, concise, and should be written as soon as possible following the counseling session. The notes should include only relevant information, thus in writing your progress notes "avoid labeling, judging, and using terminology that may be stigmatizing to the client" (Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, & Xxxxxx, 1994, p. 306). Remember that clients have the right to review their case records. Session Objectives and therapeutic interventions should relate to the overall treatment/counseling plan for the client. Progress notes should include specific client information and may be supported by behavioral observations, assessment measures, client statements, and other observations by the counselor. Progress notes also allow you to monitor changes that may result in a modification of the treatment /counseling plan for a client. The following progress note format focuses on session objectives, therapeutic interventions, session evaluation, and plans for next session. It is essential to the supervisory process that you include all relevant information. Please include in the evaluation section any specific questions or concerns you might have for your supervisor. Finally, these progress notes are not meant to substitute for progress notes at your site. *** The following paperwork (notes, intakes, treatment plan) is for example purposes only. You are not required to use the following paperwork IF your site has sufficient documentation abilities. You will NOT submit any of your site’s paperwork to Xxxxxxxx University or you individual supervisor. Sample Progress Note Format-Individual Client: HW Date: Counselor-in-training: X. Xxxxx Session Number: 2 Session Objective(s): In brief format; describe the specific session objective(s). These obj ectives should relate to the goals and objectives outlined in your treatment/counseling plan.
Progress Notes. The patient record shall include written documentation of the treatment provided by the dentist and/or dental auxiliary including but not limited to:
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Progress Notes. The Agency must maintain Progress Notes as required by 18 NYCRR 428.5. Progress Notes must be recorded in CONNECTIONS. The Agency must also review all current information about its cases that is recorded by other workers in the family services stage.
Progress Notes i. The ISD will submit progress notes on their activities with the child at a minimum of every six (6) weeks or as requested by CCA/HS.
Progress Notes. 1. that shall be contained in the client record related to the client's progress in treatment include: The client record shall provide timely documentation of relevant aspects of client care Mental health shall use client records to document client encounters, including relevant clinical decisions and interventions Santa Xxxx County Mental Health . Substance Abuse Services 0423 All entries in the client record shall include the signature of the person providing the service (or electronic equivalent); the person's professional degree, licensure or job title; and the relevant identification number, if applicable All entries shall include the date services were provided The record shall be legible The client record shall document referrals to community resources and other agencies, when appropriate The client record shall document follow-up care, or as appropriate, a discharge summary of Progress Notes: Progress notes shall be documented at the frequency by type of service indicated below: Every Service Contact
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