PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT/SABBATICAL LEAVE. 5.17.1 The District shall grant Professional Development/Sabbatical Leaves that will benefit the College and the students of the District. It is the intent of the District to grant these Sabbatical Leaves if eligibility criteria and financing criteria, as specified in sub-section of this Agreement, are met. The purposes for which Professional Development/ Sabbatical Leave shall be granted are as follows:
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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT/SABBATICAL LEAVE. 23.01 A teacher may apply for sabbatical leave for any length of time from five (5) school days up to but not exceeding one (1) term or semester.


  • Professional Development Leave A. Policy. Professional development leave shall be made available to employees who meet the requirements set forth below. Such leaves are granted to increase an employee's value to the University through enhanced opportunities for professional renewal, educational travel, study, formal education, research, writing, or other experience of professional value, not as a reward for service.

  • Professional Development Plan Professional Development Plan (PDP) refers to plans developed by faculty members addressing the criteria contained in Article 22 and Appendix G.

  • Training and Professional Development C. Maintain written program procedures covering these six (6) core activities. All procedures shall be consistent with the requirements of this Contract.

  • Sabbatical Leaves 49. Members taking their first Sabbatical Leave after a probationary period at The University of Western Ontario shall receive 90.0% of their Base Salary; Members taking their second or subsequent Sabbatical Leave from The University of Western Ontario shall receive 85.0% of their Base Salary.

  • Professional Development Days Upon request, each Employee shall be granted at least three (3) professional development days annually for professional development, at the Basic Rate of Pay. An Employee shall be advised, prior to taking any professional development days of any transportation, registration fees, subsistence and other expenses that will be paid by the Employer. Such hours not used in each fiscal year shall not be carried forward into subsequent years. Applications for such paid professional development opportunities shall be made in writing, to the Employer as early as possible.

  • Professional Development 9.01 Continuous professional development is a hallmark of professional nursing practice. As a self-regulating profession, nursing recognizes the importance of maintaining a dynamic practice environment which includes ongoing learning, the maintenance of competence, career development, career counselling and succession planning. The parties agree that professional development includes a diverse range of activities, including but not limited to formal academic programs; short-term continuing education activities; certification programs; independent learning committee participation. The parties recognize their joint responsibility in and commitment to active participation in the area of professional development.

  • Sabbatical Leave Committee Shall consist of the following:

  • Professional Development Program (a) The parties agree to continue a Professional Development Program for the maintenance and development of the faculty members' professional competence and effectiveness. It is agreed that maintenance of currency of subject knowledge, the improvement of performance of faculty duties, and the maintenance and improvement of professional competence, including instructional skills, are the primary professional development activities of faculty members.

  • Medical Leave Pursuant to applicable provisions of the Civil Service Rules, County Code, and other law, medical leaves of absence will be granted by the employee’s Department Head upon request only upon submission of a doctor’s certificate or other satisfactory medical evidence of the employee’s need for such leave.

  • Sabbatical Leave The purpose of a sabbatical leave is to enhance professional development, support department/unit goals, and/or meet the instructional, service, or research priorities of the university.

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