Premium Due Date definition

Premium Due Date means date specified in the Schedule on which the Instalment Premium will become due.
Premium Due Date means the inception date of this policy or any renewal or anniversary date.
Premium Due Date means the same date of each month the monthly premium is due or in the case of Annual Premium the policy Anniversary date, depending on the Effective Date of Insurance.

Examples of Premium Due Date in a sentence

  • If any Eligible Member becomes an Insured Member during the Policy Year, a pro-rata Premium is payable for that Eligible Member to provide coverage for the period from Effective Date of Coverage to next Premium Due Date.

  • You must pay the entire premium for your insurance, including the Employer's share, if any, to your Employer on or before each Premium Due Date.

  • Adjustments in Premium DuePremium increases or decreases which take effect during a Policy Month are adjusted and due on the next Premium Due Date following the change.

  • After the first policy year, Standard Insurance Company may also terminate the Group Policy on any Premium Due Date for any reason by providing a 60-day advance written notice to the Policyholder.

  • GRACE PERIOD Each Premium may be paid up to 31 days after its Premium Due Date.

More Definitions of Premium Due Date

Premium Due Date means the effective date for the initial premium due, and the first day of each and every month thereafter.
Premium Due Date means the date on which Premium shall be due in accordance with the Frequency of Premium payment as mentioned in the Schedule;
Premium Due Date means the 15th day of each month, payable monthly in arrears.
Premium Due Date. (s)” would be the Effective Date and each monthly anniversary of the Effective Date.
Premium Due Date means the date each month on which the Premium for the previous month’s insurance coverage is due. Employee shall have the meaning of “qualified employee” set forth in 45 C.F.R. 155.20. Employer shall have the meaning of “qualified employer” set forth in 33 V.S.A. §§ 1802(5) and 1804. Enrolled means the point at which an individual is covered for benefits under an individual or group QHP (that is, when coverage becomes effective), without regard to when the individual may have completed or filed any forms that are required in order to become covered under the QHP. Enrollee means Qualified Individual or a Qualified Employee enrolled in a QHP offered through the Exchange. Enrollee Material means any information Contractor intends to distribute to Qualified Individuals, Qualified Employers, Qualified Employees, Enrollees and prospective enrollees including but not limited to, disclosure forms, Enrollee newsletter content that references VHC, new Enrollees materials, identification cards, advertising that references VHC, materials regarding coverage in QHP’s offered on VHC, but shall not include explanations of benefits or coverage, or claims related documents. Family Member shall have the meaning of “Family Member” set forth in 26 U.S.C. § 36B(d)(1).
Premium Due Date means the Policy Effective Date for the initial premium due, and the same day of the month in each and every month thereafter.
Premium Due Date means date specified in the Schedule on which the Instalment Premiumwill become due.