Place of Work Sample Clauses

Place of Work. Your normal place of work is at the School, or at any premises used from time to time by the School, unless Your duties take You elsewhere. The Governing Body reserves the right to require You to work at such other place or places as it may reasonably require from time to time subject to the provision of reasonable notice. You will not usually be required to work outside of the United Kingdom.
Place of Work. 15.6.1 The academic environment of the University is enhanced by the presence of Members on the campus. Consequently, Members with a full range of academic responsibilities are encouraged to carry out non-scheduled academic activities on campus. Nonetheless, Members are not required to be on campus to fulfill all of their responsibilities as outlined in this Article whenever another location is as appropriate for that purpose and absence does not conflict with their other obligations under this Article. However, each Member who is not on leave shall ensure that the Unit Head is aware of how and when the Member can be contacted without undue delay, in case, for good and valid reason, the Member’s presence on campus is required.
Place of Work. The Employee shall perform services under this Agreement at the Company’s principal office in the City of Coppell, Dallas County, Texas, and at such other place or places as the Employee’s duties and responsibilities may require. The Employee understands and agrees that Employee may be required to travel in connection with the performance of his duties.
Place of Work. Those employees who have their homes designated as their work headquarters may continue to do so, and shall report to their field headquarters as directed by their supervisor. Requests from employees to work from their homes will be considered by the appointing authority.
Place of Work. The Employee's normal place of work shall be at the Academy, or at the premises used by the Academy from time to time (if different). The Employer reserves the right to require the Employee to work at such other place or places as it may from time to time reasonably require.
Place of Work. Consultant shall render services primarily at Consultant's offices, but will, upon request, provide the services at Company offices or such other places as reasonably requested by Company as appropriate for the performance of particular services.
Place of Work. Employee shall perform Employee’s services at an office, space for which will be furnished by Parsley at Parsley’s principal office in Midland, Texas, or such other location to which Parsley relocates its principal office. If Employee is required to travel, Parsley agrees to reimburse Employee in accordance with Parsley’s expense reimbursement policy in effect from time to time.
Place of Work. Employees shall be at their place of work (as designated by the Contractor) at the starting time and shall remain at their place of work, performing their assigned functions, until quitting time. The place of work is defined as the gang or tool box or equipment at the employee’s assigned work location or the place where the xxxxxxx gives instructions. The Parties reaffirm their policy of a fair day’s work for a fair day’s wage. There shall be no pay for time not worked unless the employee is otherwise engaged at the direction of the Contractor.
Place of Work. Contractor agrees that Client is not responsible for furnishing space on Client's premises for use by Contractor while performing the services under this Agreement.
Place of Work. 6.1 Your primary place of work will be the Corporation's premises at [INSERT •]. [Your duties will also require you to work at [INSERT list the locations].