Service Address Sample Clauses

Service Address. You provide the address for which you are ordering the Service (“Service Address”) during the registration process, which will be utilized by SunRocket in the establishment and operation of 911 Emergency Dialing as part of the Service. Failure to provide the correct and proper Service Address may result in misdirecting 911 calls to the incorrect PSAP or emergency operator and/or the failure to reach the correct location and render emergency service when requested. You acknowledge that 911 dialing will not function properly if you move your Adapter to another Service Address, either temporarily or permanently, unless the new Service Address has been properly recorded and is in an area for which SunRocket provides 911 Emergency Dialing. You may change your Service Address by following the procedures specified on the SunRocket website. The change of Service Address will not be effective until the change has been confirmed to you by SunRocket, via email or other written correspondence. Change of Service Address will take a minimum of ten business days to properly update the 911 emergency databases. American Telecom Services, Inc. Private and Confidential Enhanced 911 (“E911”). In certain areas in which SunRocket provides 911 Emergency Dialing, SunRocket provides E911 capabilities, if you have activated and properly configured 911 Emergency Dialing. When the caller dials 911 on a SunRocket-enabled phone with E911 service, SunRocket will automatically deliver the location information you provided at the time of activation, or as subsequently and properly updated, validated and acknowledged by SunRocket, to the PSAP with the 911 call. If the location information you provided is incorrect, the emergency call may be misdirected to a PSAP that does not serve your location, which as a result may be unable to render sufficient emergency service. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for maintaining accurate physical location information on your SunRocket account. If you move your SunRocket equipment to another location, you must update your Service Address in accordance with the instructions on the SunRocket website. Basic 911. In some areas in which SunRocket provides 911 Emergency Dialing, SunRocket may not support E911, and your physical location information may not be automatically delivered to the PSAP with the 911 call. The PSAP or local emergency dispatcher receiving a non-E911 emergency call may not be able to capture and/or retain automatic number o...
Service Address. The Borrower agrees that both the physical address and email address provided in this agreement shall be treated as addresses for service for the purposes of any communications under this agreement, and that if the Borrower moves from that address or ceases using the email address those will continue as addresses for service for the purposes of this agreement until the Borrower notifies BMW of the new address or new email address, if any. That new address and/or email address shall then be treated in the same manner as addresses for service.
Service Address. Each party chooses the address set out below its name on the cover page of this Agreement as its service address at which all notices, legal processes and other communications must be delivered for the purposes of this Agreement.
Service Address. In the event of any action or proceeding arising from this Lease or any other agreement to which Landlord and Tenant are a party, Tenant hereby stipulates that service of process upon Tenant shall be effective at the following address: Sargon Capital, Inc. 0000 Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Tenant covenants that it shall, within five (5) days of change, notify Landlord of any new address for service of process. In the event that the foregoing address shall conflict with or otherwise be different from any address designating a registered agent with the Secretary of State of the State of Florida, then Landlord, at Landlord's election, may elect to serve Tenant utilizing either address.
Service Address. And hereby agrees to become responsible for and to make prompt payment of all water and sanitary sewer charges and fees connected therewith. ACCOUNT BILLING INFORMATIONPlease Print or Type: Owner/Tenant (Circle one) Applicant/Business Name Joint Applicant ________________________________ ________________________________ SSN or Tax ID#: ___________________ SSN: ____________________________ DOB: _______ Phone: _________________ DOB: _________ Phone: __________________ Mailing Address: (if different from service address) Start Date of Service: _____________________ (Monday-Fridays, no weekends or holidays) Email Address: ________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________ _______________________________
Service Address. 4. Declaration
Service Address. Physical location of the telephone.
Service Address. The LESSOR chooses the service address as his registered address, as mentioned in the introduction. As for the lessee, he chooses his registered address or domicile until the date the lease takes effect, from which date it will be at the rented premises, for any notification, procedure, interim or executory measure.