Pharmaceuticals Sample Clauses

Pharmaceuticals. (1) Tertiary Packaging – Logistics Units
Pharmaceuticals. For all covered outpatient drug Prior Authorization requests, provide notice by telephone, fax, email or other electronic communication within 24 hours of receipt of the request, and in emergency situations dispense at least a 72-hour supply of the covered outpatient drug, in accordance with Welfare and Institutions Code Section 14185(a)(1), 42 CFR 438.3(s)(6), and Section 1927(d)(5)(A) of the Social Security Act or any respective future amendments thereto.
Pharmaceuticals. Except in an emergency pursuant to Iowa Code section 613.17, the district department personnel shall not administer or dispense any prescription drugs, including antabuse, to parolees.
Pharmaceuticals. 6 6) Ambulance claims relating to Receiving Hospital transfers.
Pharmaceuticals. Peru will eliminate tariffs on 72 percent of U.S. pharmaceutical exports immediately upon implementation of the agreement. Xxxxxxx on the remaining 28 percent will be eliminated over five years. Cosmetics Peru will eliminate tariffs on 79 percent of U.S. cosmetics exports immediately upon implementation of the agreement, and 13 percent within five years. Duties on the remaining 8 percent of exports will be eliminated over seven and ten years.
Pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals represent the most important Swiss export sector to Canada.49 Compared to 2000, Swiss exports to Canada have increased more than fourfold, amounting to CHF 1.4 bn in 2007 (+6.6%). The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most innovative and profitable industries in Canada, composed of both brand-name drug companies (which include biopharmaceutical companies) and generic-drug companies. Both segments produce prescription drugs with total sales of CND 21.1 bn in 200650 and non-prescription drugs with total sales of CND 2.2 bn in 200651. Canada ranks as the 8th largest market in the world with a share of 3.5% of global pharmaceutical sales. Prices are at 92% of the median of prices of seven countries.52 Ontario leads the Canadian provinces with a market share of 41.5%. 46 Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada: xxx.xxxxx.xx.xx/xxx/ 47 Swiss National Bank: 48 Based on Industry Canada: xxx.xx.xx.xx; Invest in Canada: xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx 49 Swiss pharmaceutical exports 2005: CHF 1'020 mn; 2006: CHF 1'321 mn. 50 The Canadian Institute for Health Information: xxxx://xxxxxx.xxxx.xx/cihiweb/splash.html 51 Ibid.
Pharmaceuticals. 6. Until 1 January of the eighth year following its entry into force, this Chapter shall not apply to the procurement by the Secretaría de Salud, IMSS, ISSSTE, Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional and the Secretaría de Marina of drugs that are not currently patented in Mexico or whose Mexican patents have expired. Nothing in this paragraph shall prejudice protection of intellectual property rights.
Pharmaceuticals. Any of the Company’s right, title and interest in, to or under, or possession of, all drugs, pharmaceuticals, products, substances, items or devices whose purchase, possession, maintenance, administration, prescription or security requires the authorization or order of a licensed health care provider or requires a permit, registration, certification or any other governmental authorization held by a licensed health care provider as specified under any federal or state law, or both;
Pharmaceuticals. Q. Are Indian Health and tribal health programs required to use the Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy (CMOP)?
Pharmaceuticals. The term “pharmaceuticals” will be used to describe those non- therapeutic items covered by the Code of Practice (e.g. disinfecting and sterilising agents).