Tertiary Packaging definition

Tertiary Packaging means packaging that contains Secondary Packaging.
Tertiary Packaging means higher levels of packaging that may include a pallet that contains (one or usually) several cases or a case that contains (one or usually)several items in its primary or secondary packaging. Tertiary packaging may refer to either a logistic unit or a trade item.

Examples of Tertiary Packaging in a sentence

  • Drugs without GS-1 Standard Barcoding on Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Packaging will not be accepted.

  • Items without GS-1 Standard Barcoding on Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Packaging will not be accepted.

  • Supplier will work with Purchaser to coordinate return of deposit SKUs, Tertiary Packaging, non-hazardous recyclables, and CO2 cylinders from Distribution Centers at commercially reasonable times.

  • Tertiary Packaging a) Tertiary packaging shall be undertaken in five-ply cartons, duly labeled and marked.

  • The label contains batch number, expiration date, item description, quantity and PO# or Tender number.Figure 12 Sample Label on Tertiary Packaging As part of receiving and issue process, the receiver/ picker currently uses the printed documents as shown below.

  • GSM: 400 Tertiary Packaging: 5 Ply Carton containing 20 pouch of 500gm product.

  • Tertiary Packaging (transport packaging) –transportation packaging used to facilitate the delivery of largequantities of products or distribution unitsCertain types of packaging require a more targeted approach based on consumption patterns, recyclability, and other factors.

  • Products without GS-1 Standard Barcoding on Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Packaging will not be accepted.

  • Reviewing the current e-content of the identified three job roles viz., Production/ Machine Operator-- Life Sciences API/ Non-Sterile Formulations, Manufacturing & Packaging Assistant- Life Sciences and Packaging Assistant- Tertiary Packaging- Life Sciences in the Life Sciences sector b.

  • Drugs/ surgical & consumables without GS-1 Standard Barcoding on Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Packaging will not be accepted.

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  • Packaging means the assembly of components necessary to ensure compliance with the packaging requirements of these regulations. It may consist of one or more receptacles, absorbent materials, spacing structures, thermal insulation, radiation shielding, and devices for cooling or absorbing mechanical shocks. The vehicle, tie-down system, and auxiliary equipment may be designated as part of the packaging.

  • Tobacco products means cigars, cigarettes, cheroots, stogies, periques, granulated, plug cut, crimp cut, ready rubbed, and other smoking tobacco, snuff, snuff flour, moist snuff, cavendish, ping and twist tobacco, fine-cut and other chewing tobaccos, shorts, refuse scraps, clippings, cuttings and sweepings of tobacco, and other kinds and forms of tobacco, prepared in such manner as to be suitable for chewing or smoking in a pipe or otherwise, or both for chewing and smoking.

  • Specialty Drugs means high-cost injectables, infused, oral, or inhaled Prescription Drugs for the ongoing treatment of a chronic condition, including but not limited to, the following: Hemophilia, Hepatitis C, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Crohn’s Disease, Cancer (oral medications), and Growth Hormones. These Prescription Drugs usually require specialized handling (such as refrigeration). Spouse means a person of the same or opposite sex who is legally married to Subscriber under the laws of the state or jurisdiction in which the marriage took place. A marriage legally entered into in another jurisdiction will be recognized as a marriage in the District of Columbia.

  • Specialty drug means a prescription drug that:

  • Tobacco product means any substance containing tobacco leaf, including but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, hookah tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco, bidis, blunts, clove cigarettes, or any other preparation of tobacco; and any product or formulation of matter containing biologically active amounts of nicotine that is manufactured, sold, offered for sale, or otherwise distributed with the expectation that the product or matter will be introduced into the human body by inhalation; but does not include any cessation product specifically approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in treating nicotine or tobacco dependence.

  • Polystyrene foam means blown polystyrene and expanded and extruded foams that are thermoplastic petrochemical materials utilizing a styrene monomer and processed by a number of techniques, including, but not limited to, fusion of polymer spheres (expandable bead polystyrene), injection molding, foam molding, and extrusion-blow molding (extruded foam polystyrene).

  • Parenteral means a sterile preparation of drugs for injection through one or more layers of the skin.

  • Tobacco product manufacturer means an entity that after the date of enactment of this Act directly (and not exclusively through any affiliate):

  • Cannabinoid extract means a substance obtained by separating cannabinoids from marijuana by:

  • Remanufactured means factory rebuilt to original specifications.

  • Cartridge means a pleated or surface-type filter component with fixed dimensions that is designed to remove suspended particles from water flowing through the filter.

  • Food and food ingredients means substances, whether in liquid, concentrated, solid, frozen, dried, or dehydrated form, that are sold for ingestion or chewing by humans and are consumed for their taste or nutritional value. Food and food ingredients do not include alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

  • Labeling means all labels and other written, printed, or graphic matter on an article or any of its

  • Aerosol coating product means a pressurized coating product containing pigments or resins that dispenses product ingredients by means of a propellant, and is packaged in a disposable can for hand-held application, or for use in specialized equipment for ground traffic/marking applications.

  • Supply Pipe means any part of a service pipe which a water undertaker could not be, or have been required to lay under section 46 of the Water Industry Act 1991; and

  • Drug Substance means an active ingredient that is intended to furnish pharmacological activity or other direct effect in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease or to affect the structure or any function of the human body, but does not include intermediates used in the synthesis of such ingredient.

  • Blending means either the mixing of originally segregated Binned Grades within a Facility or during the outturn process.

  • API means American Petroleum Institute.

  • Cannabinoid edible means food or potable liquid into which a cannabinoid concentrate, cannabinoid extract or dried marijuana leaves or flowers have been incorporated.

  • Manufacturing Facility means buildings and structures, including machinery and equipment, the primary purpose of which is or will be the manufacture of tangible goods or materials or the processing of such goods or materials by physical or chemical change.

  • Cannabinoid concentrate means a substance obtained by separating cannabinoids from marijuana by:

  • Remanufacturing means the activity of overhauling, retrofitting, fabricating, or repairing a product or its component parts for ultimate sale at retail.

  • Finished Products means any one or more of the following petroleum oils, or a mixture or combination of these oils, to be used without further processing except blending by mechanical means:

  • Packaged means bottled, canned, cartoned, or securely wrapped.

  • Aerosol product means a pressurized spray system that dispenses product ingredients by means of a propellant contained in a product or a product's container, or by means of a mechanically induced force. “Aerosol Product” does not include “Pump Spray.”

  • Polystyrene foam adhesive means an aerosol adhesive designed to bond polystyrene foam to substrates.