Machines Sample Clauses

Machines. 3.1 Subject to us agreeing the make, model and type of machines with you we consent to you installing the permitted number of machines at the property. You must not install any other machines at the property unless we give consent. We can withdraw our consent at any time.
Machines. Whenever a laser screed, mechanical straight edge, multiple troweling machine, curb machine, or similar type machine replacing Cement Masons' work is to be used on any type of work under the jurisdiction of the Cement Xxxxxx Xxxxx #000 - Xxxx #000, it shall be manned by the Cement Masons, if available and qualified.
Machines. 11. Manufacture of tools and other articles;
Machines operating outside during the winter months shall be equipped with adequate cab protection against weather, and heaters where possible. When operating front-end loaders which have no cab or other protection, employees shall during inclement weather, be supplied with a waterproof jacket and pants.
Machines. Reseller shall retain title to the Machines which are used in conjunction with its Managed Services Solution. When Reseller retains title to the Machines, it may provide Managed Services Solutions to multiple End Users unless otherwise noted. Reseller shall retain such Machines for a minimum of twelve months. While maintaining title of the Machines, they may be located on Reseller’s, an End User or a third party’s premises.
Machines. Starting cost from cold to synchronized operation; No-load cost during period of operation; Incremental labor cost; and Other incremental operating costs.
Machines a. Vendor shall provide an appropriate mainframe processor(s) that supports the service levels outlined in Exhibit 5.
Machines shall undergo integration (i.e., a process set out in the Production File and effected by the Supplier), ATP and preparation for packaging (cleaning, color corrections, etc.), defined by the Customer.
Machines. This section contains the terms which apply to a Machine which you order from us under this Agreement. After your order has been accepted, we will sell you the Machine described in a Transaction Document.
Machines equipment, apparatus or any other thing purchased out of the grant given by the Commission will remain the property of the Commission, or with the permission of the Commission, the University where the project is located.