Outpatient Surgery Sample Clauses

Outpatient Surgery. A $100 single and $200 family combined annual deductible will apply to Outpatient Surgery after which 100% Coverage will apply.
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Outpatient Surgery. 6. Any absence for which the District is required to provide a reasonable accommodation
Outpatient Surgery. Discipline issued to employees under the Sick Day Policy carries over from fiscal year to fiscal year. However, if an employee goes twelve (12) consecutive months without incurring any discipline under the Sick Day Policy, the disciplines he or she has will be removed from consideration; and the employee will start over on progressive discipline. Any District authorized exceptions would be in writing and available for the Union President to review.
Outpatient Surgery. Procedures including all routine Medical Services required during the Outpatient Visit including but not limited to all medical supplies, central service items, and nursing support or care.
Outpatient Surgery. This includes any diagnostic or therapeutic surgery prescribed and carried out by a specialist in the relevant area included in the Insurer’s Directory of Practitioners at an authorised healthcare facility, that normally requires an operating theatre. A waiting period of 6 months is established for this type of Surgery. Prior referral and authorisation by the Insurer are required. de cobertura con cargo al contrato de seguro de la madre, hasta un máximo de 30 xxxx desde la fecha de su nacimiento; para continuidad asistencial a cargo de la Entidad, es imprescindible el alta del recién nacido en ASISA dentro del citado período, según lo previsto en el apartado c) de la Condición General Xxxxxx. - Hospitalización por motivo quirúrgico. Ade- más de los gastos de la intervención quirúrgi- ca, incluye también el estudio preoperatorio así como las visitas y curas en el postoperatorio inmediato, así como las prótesis o implantes in- cluidas de forma expresa en el punto 10 de esta condición Segunda. - Hospitalización por motivo médico (que no precisa intervención quirúrgica). Para tratamiento de los procesos que, a juicio del especialista del Cuadro Médico, no puedan tra- tarse en el domicilio o de forma ambulatoria con las técnicas correctas y precisen internamiento. - Hospitalización Psiquiátrica: En régimen de in- greso de Hospital de Día y para tratamiento de pacientes con procesos psiquiátricos agudos o crónicos reagudizados y que xxxx recuperables. En estos casos no se incluye cama de acompa- ñante. Se establece una limitación de 50 xxxx de Hospitalización por anualidad de seguro. - Hospitalización en unidades especializadas, como Unidad de Vigilancia Intensiva (U.V.I.) o Unidad Coronaria. En estos casos no se incluye cama de acompañante. Para cualquier Hospitalización se establece un Periodo de Carencia de 8 meses (salvo situaciones de Urgencia o partos prematuros).
Outpatient Surgery. Section 7 Employees who have accrued in excess of fifteen (15) sick days may use any such excess sick days during the winter break period and during spring break period (i.e., Special Holiday). Employees who choose to apply their excess sick days to winter and/or spring break must submit a written request to their supervisor in advance of the break period. Discipline issued to employees under the Sick Day Policy carries over from school year to school year. However, if an employee goes 75 work days without incurring any discipline, he/she shall have one occurrence removed from consideration. Thereafter, for each successive 75 work day period which passes without the occurrence of any discipline, an additional occurrence shall be removed from consideration. In the event twelve (12) consecutive months pass without incurring any discipline under the Sick Day Policy, all the disciplines he/she has will be removed from consideration, and the employee will start over on progressive discipline. Any District-authorized exceptions shall be in writing and available for the Union to review.
Outpatient Surgery. Outpatient surgery may be performed in an Acute Care Hospital or Ambulatory Surgical Facility. Benefits for Ambulatory Surgical Facilities include those outpatient surgeries that, in the judgment of the Provider, are nonlife threatening, can be provided in a facility other than an Acute Care Hospital, and are performed at an Ambulatory Surgical Facility by a duly licensed associated Physician or allied health professional practicing within the scope of his/her licensure and specialty. Outpatient surgeries performed in an Acute Care Hospital may be subject to higher Cost Sharing Amounts.
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Outpatient Surgery. We will provide benefits for Surgery, abortion services, sterilizations and one attempt at reversal of sterilization. These services are subject to prior authorization. You must pay the Cost Share listed on your Schedule for each surgery. Voluntary sterilization procedures for females are covered with no Cost Share. Voluntary sterilization procedures for males are subject to the deductible for members in plans that are titled “MVP High Deductible” (an IRS HSA Qualified High Deductible Health Plan).
Outpatient Surgery. 100% Coverage
Outpatient Surgery. Professional Only; 5. Chiropractic Services; 6. Podiatric Services; 7. Anesthesia; 8. Radiology - Professional/Outpatient; 9. Laboratory - Outpatient; 10. Immunizations; 11. Diagnostic services; 12. PT/ST/OT - Professional/Outpatient; and 13. Family Planning - Professional Only. Company and Group agree to convert the Group compensatory arrangements as specified above within thirty (30) days from such date that Group meets the network adequacy requirements. ONE HEALTH PLAN OF COMPLETE WELLNESS INDEPENDENT FLORIDA, INC. PHYSICIAN ASSOCIATION OF FLORIDA, INC. BY: /s/ Susax Xxxxxxx BY: /s/ Jasox X. Xxxxxxx ------------------------ ------------------------ NAME: SUSAX XXXXXXX NAME: JASOX X. XXXXXXX ---------------------- ----------------------
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