Employee and Family Medical Coverage Sample Clauses

Employee and Family Medical Coverage 
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  • Employee and Family Health Coverage a. Minnesota Advantage Health Plan (Advantage). The health coverage portion of the State Employee Group Insurance Program is provided through the Minnesota Advantage Health Plan (Advantage), a self-insured health plan offering four (4) Benefit Level options. Provider networks and claim administration are provided by multiple plan administrators. Coverage offered through Advantage is determined by Section F(I)(b).

  • Retiree Medical Coverage ‌ An eligible retiree and eligible dependent(s) (as defined below), may be enrolled in a County offered medical plan as described in section 10.2 but is allowed only to enroll either as a subscriber in a County offered medical plan or, as the dependent spouse/domestic partner of another eligible County employee/retiree, but not both. If an employee/retiree is also eligible to cover their dependent child/children, each child will be allowed to enroll as a dependent on only one employee or retirees’ plan (i.e., a retiree and his or her dependents cannot be covered by more than one County offered plan). An eligible dependent is (as defined in each plan document/summary plan description):  Xxxxxx the retiree’s spouse or domestic partner; or  A child, based on your plan’s age limits, or a disabled dependent child regardless of age.

  • Medical Coverage The Executive shall be entitled to such continuation of health care coverage as is required under, and in accordance with, applicable law or otherwise provided in accordance with the Company’s policies. The Executive shall be notified in writing of the Executive’s rights to continue such coverage after the termination of the Executive’s employment pursuant to this Section 3(d)(iv), provided that the Executive timely complies with the conditions to continue such coverage. The Executive understands and acknowledges that the Executive is responsible to make all payments required for any such continued health care coverage that the Executive may choose to receive.

  • Waiver of Medical Coverage a. Regular, full-time employees who provide proof of alternate medical coverage may waive coverage through Kitsap County’s sponsored medical plans and for that waiver receive a one hundred dollar ($100.00) per month waiver-incentive payment; however, such payment is subject to employment taxes. Regular, full-time employees may not waive their individual medical coverage in lieu of coverage as a spouse/domestic partner on a County-sponsored medical plan.

  • Employee and Family Assistance Plan The CODC PRO Care Plan is an industry-funded employee and family assistance plan for employees and their eligible family members according to the participation of sponsoring organizations and employers as well as Plan eligibility rules. Employees must be enrolled in the Plan by their employer to become eligible for Plan benefits, subject to the Plan eligibility rules. An individual employee cannot self-enroll in the Plan. Remittances and Reports

  • Employee and Family Assistance Program (a) A province-wide Employee and Family Assistance Program for employees and members of their immediate family, with whom the employee normally resides, shall be provided.

  • Retiree Health Insurance Retired members of the Department receiving, or to receive City of Lincoln monthly pension checks, may participate in the group comprehensive health care plan for active City employees, provided that each retiree so desiring will execute the required forms in a timely fashion, and further provided that each retiree will be required to pay the full monthly cost at the current rates subject to any rate increases which may occur from time to time. Such payment will be made by payroll deduction from pension checks, or by direct payment in the case of an early retiree.

  • Retiree Medical Insurance Retiree insurance coverage is included within each medical plan for all retirees under the age of 65 years, through self-payment. The Employer shall make available an appropriate medical plan for all eligible retirees ages 65 years or older.

  • New Mexico Employees Health Coverage A. If Contractor has, or grows to, six (6) or more employees who work, or who are expected to work, an average of at least 20 hours per week over a six (6) month period during the term of the contract, Contractor certifies, by signing this agreement, to have in place, and agrees to maintain for the term of the contract, health insurance for its New Mexico Employees and offer that health insurance to its New Mexico Employees if the expected annual value in the aggregate of any and all contracts between Contractor and the State exceeds $250,000 dollars.

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