Curriculum Sample Clauses

Curriculum. The Organizer shall develop a curriculum for the Charter School as a Prior Action. The Organizer shall make a copy of the curriculum and the Accountability Plan (once developed) available for inspection at the Charter School during normal school hours and shall provide a copy in response to any telephone or mail request by any person.
Curriculum. The Organizer shall amend its Application to set forth a detailed, specific curriculum, which shall serve as the basis for educating students who attend the Charter School. Before this Prior Action shall be deemed substantially completed, the Charter Schools Director shall have the opportunity to review and approve the proposed curriculum. The Organizer shall submit its proposed curriculum to the Charter Schools Director no later than June 15.
Curriculum. 2.13.1 Subject to the conditions of this Agreement, the Charter Operator shall have the authority and responsibility for refining the design and implementation of its educational program, subject to the conditions of this Agreement, in a manner that is consistent with State law, including but not limited to requirements regarding content standards.