Landscape Sample Clauses

Landscape. Develop and coordinate landscape design concepts entailing analysis of existing conditions, proposed components and how the occupants will use the facility. Include location and description of planting, ground improvements and visual barriers.
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Landscape. Further refinement of Schematic Design concepts. Includes coordination of hardscape, landscape planting, ground cover and irrigation main distribution lines.
Landscape. All landscape, hardscape, and irrigation plans updated to reflect update revisions from Design Development Phase Documents.
Landscape. Plans indicating grading, and limits of construction, existing and proposed tree canopy mix and percent coverage, and other proposed plantings. Plans should also show how the proposed project relates to the overall master plan for Carolina North.
Landscape. ‌ The approved plant species, minimum acceptable sizes, and maximum spacing are listed in Table 5-1. The list of approved plant species is intended as a guide for Developer. Developer shall have the opportunity to suggest a plant species mix to reflect a specific condition if necessary. Requests for substitution of other plant species shall be submitted in writing for approval by IFA. Developer shall not plant non-native, invasive species.
Landscape. CDL-1. Landscaping Drawings:
Landscape. The Contractor shall restore landscape features damaged or destroyed during construction operations.
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Landscape. Plant materials, topography, and other natural physical elements combined in relation to one another and to man-made structures.
Landscape. 5.1 Landscape shall include street trees and planters at the private streets, a hedgerow of trees at the west property line, biofiltration planters, and vine planting for the parking garage green screen structure. Planting shall have low water requirements per the City of San Mateo.
Landscape. Further refinement of Schematic Design concepts. Includes coordination of hardscape. Landscape planting, ground cover and irrigation main distribution lines will be designed by the District’s Landscape Architect. Coordination with the District’s consultant is required.
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