Street frontage definition

Street frontage means the distance for which a lot line of a zone lot adjoins a public street, from one lot line intersecting said street to the furthest distant lot line intersecting the same street.
Street frontage means that portion of a building site that has a common line with a street right-of-way line. The street frontage is designated as the front property line.
Street frontage means the distance between property lines measured along the street or streets.

Examples of Street frontage in a sentence

However, any #zoning lot# fronting on such #streets# and partially within 100 feet of Eleventh Avenue may, as an alternative, apply the provisions of this Section to the entire West 35th, West 36th, West 37th, West 38th or West 39th Street frontage of the #zoning lot#.

Street trees shall be integrated with the design of extensions of the sidewalk at the Adams Street frontage with the use of flush tree grates or permeable pavers.

In most cases an existing building can be adapted to suit the new use, even if the facade is the sole remaining original building element.There are, however, a few buildings with Main Street frontage that have been modified so many times that they lack the slightest vestige of their original architectural design.

A recommendation of this guideline is that the height limitation never exceed thirty-five (35) feet on Main Street frontage.

For the area located within 50 feet of the 126th Street frontage and between 200 feet east of Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard and 150 feet west of Lenox Avenue/Malcolm X Boulevard, the height of any portion of a #development# or #enlargement# shall be limited to 80 feet.

More Definitions of Street frontage

Street frontage means street(s), alley(s), or public right(s)-of-way parallel to the property line used to compute the area of sign(s) intended to be located in such a manner as to have primary exposure on that street or right-of-way.
Street frontage means a side of a building which contains an entrance open for public use and which side also faces an abutting street.
Street frontage means that portion of a LOT that fronts on a street, and “street frontage” also means the length of the front on the street.
Street frontage means the length of the LOT LINE to which the SIGN relates dividing the LOT from a PUBLIC ROAD ALLOWANCE. For LOTS with more than one STREET FRONTAGE, the STREET FRONTAGES shall not be combined for any SIGN DIMENSION CONTROL MEASUREMENT.
Street frontage means that portion of a lot or building site which borders on a street.
Street frontage means the linear distance of the street line of a lot.
Street frontage means property that abuts a public road allowance or any 0.3m reserve;