Natural vegetation definition

Natural vegetation means any non-agricultural, native, or naturalized plant species that grows at a site in response to planting or from existing seeds or other propagules. Natural vegetation does not include planted millet. However, planted millet that grows on its own in subsequent years after the year of planting is considered natural vegetation.
Natural vegetation means those plant communities that develop in the absence of human activities.
Natural vegetation means all plants, including but not limited to grasses, forbs, trees, shrubs, flowers, or vines that grow in the wild or under cultivation. Natural vegetation excludes vegetative materials that have been processed, treated or preserved with chemicals for subsequent human or animal use, including but not limited to chemically-treated lumber, wood products or paper products.

Examples of Natural vegetation in a sentence

Protection of Natural Vegetation Cover: Whenever a wooded site is to be developed no more than fifteen percent (15%) of the naturally occurring canopy-tree cover shall be removed due to surface earth grading, roadway construction, building site clearance, or any other construction activity associated with subdivision site improvement.

More Definitions of Natural vegetation

Natural vegetation means natural areas of forest, woodland, shrubland, scrub, mallee and mulga.
Natural vegetation means unprocessed plant material from herbs, shrubbery, and trees, including grass, weeds, leaves, clippings, prunings, brush, branches, roots, stumps, and trunk wood. It does not include dimensional lumber, mills ends, etc.
Natural vegetation means those vegetation communities included in Tiers I, II and III on the List of San Diego County Vegetation Communities and Tier Levels (Attachment K of Document No. 0769999 on file with the Clerk of the Board). Non-Native grassland shall be included under this definition because it is a naturalized community which provides habitat for a number of native and some sensitive species of plants and animals.
Natural vegetation means the ground cover in its original state before any grading, excavation or filling.
Natural vegetation means “vegetation that occurs spontaneously without regular management and/or maintenance. This definition also includes mitigation sites.
Natural vegetation. – shall mean plant life that grows naturally in the area (a non- invasive species), but excludes manicured lawns.
Natural vegetation means natural areas of forest, woodland, shrubland, scrub, mallee and mulga. ‘Parkland Clearing’ means areas of natural vegetation that has been significantly cleared of understory and tree density reduced to create a grassland or low vegetation area that can be walked through unimpeded with isolated, grouped or well spaced trees.