Land Development Sample Clauses

Land Development. If you were employed as a Land Manager, VP of Land, otherwise had any managerial responsibility over the Company’s operations contracting for finished lots, or received, as part of your work duties, Confidential Information relating to land development, at any time during the twenty-four (24) months prior to termination of your Service, you agree that you will not engage in any competitive residential land development activities during the Restricted Period within the Restricted Area.
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Land Development fire flow, duration of flow, and hydrant spacing The following requirements apply to land development issues such as: tract and parcel maps, conditional use permits, zone changes, lot line adjustments, planned unit developments, etc.
Land Development. All land development in the Town including, by example but not limited to, site plan applications, subdivision applications, land disturbance applications and grading applications for new development or redevelopment construction activities shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter, the Town’s floodplain portion of the zoning ordinance, and the subdivision regulations. Other projects may be required to obtain authorization under this ordinance if:
Land Development. The Project shall contribute to the expansion of irrigated areas served by primary and secondary canals, with complementary investments in land development identified through a participatory approach. The objectives are to improve the drainage networks, irrigation water delivery and field access, and to create opportunities for crop diversification in response to market signals.
Land Development. Children’s Museum will be responsible for the cost of land development on the Premises. Land development shall include roadways, parking, sidewalks, and other items which are necessary to prepare the Land for its intended purpose under this Ground Lease. The parties will be jointly responsible for the design and construction of all landscaping on the Premises.
Land Development. Due to the fact that, pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, the City has agreed to permit the Developer to proceed with the development of the Property in accordance with the Approved Township Zoning and the Approved County Engineering, Developer shall be permitted to proceed with full scale development activities on the Property during the pendency of the annexation of the Property.
Land Development. Unencumbered Value shall be included; and (vi) the portion of Total Unencumbered Value attributable to Unencumbered office and industrial Projects owned or ground-leased under an Eligible Ground Lease by the Consolidated Businesses for less than four (4) fiscal quarters and which have received a certificate of occupancy shall be included. Clause (ii) above shall not exceed twenty percent (20%) of Total Unencumbered Value. Clause (iii) shall not exceed five percent (5%) of Total Unencumbered Value. Clause (iv) above shall not exceed fifteen percent (15%) of Total Unencumbered Value. Clause (v) above shall not exceed ten percent (10%) of Total Unencumbered Value. The sum of clauses (iii), (iv) and (v) above shall not exceed twenty percent (20%) of Total Unencumbered Value.
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Land Development. If Optionee was employed as a Land Manager, VP of Land or otherwise had any managerial responsibilities in NVR’s operations for contracting for finished lots during the 24-month period prior to Optionee’s termination for employment, Optionee agrees that Optionee will not engage in any residential land development activities during the Non-Compete Period within the Restricted Area.
Land Development. Regulations (LDRs) shall mean Appendix A of Part II of the City Code in existence on the Effective Date of this Agreement.
Land Development. The Participatory Land Use Planning (the “PLUP”) and Free, Prior, Informed Consent (the “FPIC”) activities, as defined in the PIM, shall be implemented by a service provider (such as an NGO) in each state, selected by the PCU on a competitive basis. Land development financed by IFAD shall be implemented through direct contracts with state-level MOAI Irrigation Departments (the “IDs”). An internationally recognized service provider, with expertise in infrastructure, shall be contracted to support design, assess construction norms, verify unit costs, supervise civil works and provide TA. Supervision shall be multi-level, involving IDs, PIOs, farmers’ groups, and the service provider(s). For land development works covered by a co-financier, the procedures of the co-financier shall apply.
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