Investment Period Sample Clauses

Investment Period. Prior to the expiration of the Investment Period, additional amounts may be drawn down pursuant to Article 3 for any purpose contemplated under this Agreement. After the expiration of the Investment Period, the Company will not call for or accept, and the Common Unitholders shall not be obligated to make, any drawdowns other than:
Investment Period. As set forth in the applicable Series Designation, the Manager may establish an investment period for each Series (an “Investment Period”). The Manager shall have the right to terminate the Investment Period earlier, or to extend the Investment Period later, in each case, with respect to any Series, than the date described in the applicable Series Designation.
Investment Period. The Investment shall mature upon six months from the Effective Date (“Maturity Date”). All interest accrued during the investment period shall be paid upon the Maturity Date. Within 60 calendar days following the Maturity Date, IOC shall pay to Treasurer all principal due. For any balance of principal outstanding not paid to Treasurer within 60 calendar days of the Maturity Date, or any balance of interest accrued not paid to Treasurer upon the Maturity Date, IOC shall pay Treasurer a penalty of 300 basis points (3.00%) above the interest rate set forth herein based on the 30/360 accrual method, unless waived by Treasurer in writing. To effectuate the repayment of the Investment, IOC shall order and Treasurer shall transfer amounts sufficient to cover all principal, interest, and any penalty amounts due.
Investment Period. During the Investment Period, subject to Section 5.6, the Fund may make Portfolio Investments as determined by the Adviser, subject to the oversight of the Board. Following the termination of the Investment Period (and during any Key Person Suspension Period), no Portfolio Investments will be made by the Fund (and no Drawdown Purchases shall be required therefor) other than, within three months following the end of the Investment Period, (i) Follow-Up Investments and (ii) Follow-On Investments that are not Follow-Up Investments in an aggregate amount (net of amounts returned) of up to 15% of the aggregate Capital Commitments. For the avoidance of doubt, Drawdown Purchases may be required, in the Adviser’s discretion, following the termination of the Investment Period to repay Fund Indebtedness; provided that no such Drawdown Purchase shall be required to repay Fund Indebtedness incurred following the termination of the Investment Period to make a Portfolio Investment other than a Follow-Up Investment or Follow-On Investment for which the Drawdown Purchases could have been required in accordance with this Section 4.1(b); provided, further, that no Common Unitholder shall be required to fund a Drawdown Purchase in excess of its Remaining Capital Commitment.
Investment Period. Applicable Borrowers shall promptly notify Administrative Agent of the expiration, termination or suspension of the Investment Period, or any liquidation, winding up or dissolution of any such Borrower.
Investment Period. The Initial Borrower shall give prompt written notice to the Administrative Agent of the termination of the Investment Period.
Investment Period. The Investment Period shall commence on the earlier to occur of (i) the closing of the Partnership's initial investment and (ii) the sixtieth (60th) calendar day after the date on which the Certificate is filed with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware. The Investment Period shall end on the second anniversary of the closing of the Partnership's initial investment; provided, however, that the Investment Period shall end eighteen (18) months following the closing of the Partnership's initial investment if all of the Capital Commitments to the Partnership shall have been paid as of such date and the Partnership is Fully Invested. The Investment Period for the Partnership may be extended upon the mutual agreement of the Formation Partners. In the event the Partnership is not Fully Invested upon the termination of the Investment Period (as the same may be extended by the Formation Partners), the Limited Partners' unpaid Capital Commitments shall terminate as of the end of the Investment Period. Following the termination of the Investment Period, no further investments or reinvestments shall be made by the Partnership, unless otherwise agreed to by the Formation Partners.
Investment Period. Buyer is a long-term investor who generally holds its investments for a meaningful investment period. Accordingly, as of the date of this Agreement, Buyer does not intend to sell any Securities acquired hereunder prior to the date that is 180 days after the Initial Closing Date.
Investment Period. The term "Investment Period" shall mean the period beginning with the Closing Date and ending on December 31, 2000.
Investment Period. 4.2.1 The Company may make investments in Investment Companies and Investee Companies as well as commitments to invest in Investment Companies and Investee Companies at any time until the five year anniversary of the First Closing (the “Investment Period”). Proceeds from investments may be reinvested by the Company during the Investment Period. The Investment Period can be extended by up to one year by Special Resolution of the Shareholders. Any further extension shall require the unanimous consent of the Shareholders.