INITIAL Sample Clauses

INITIAL. COST The costs of organizing the Trust and sale of the Trust Units shall, to the extent of the expenses reimbursable to the Depositor provided below, be borne by the Unit Holders, PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that, to the extent all of such costs are not borne by Unit Holders, the amount of such costs not borne by Unit Holders shall be borne by the Depositor and, PROVIDED FURTHER, HOWEVER, that the liability on the part of the Depositor under this section shall not include any fees or other expenses incurred in connection with the administration of the Trust subsequent to the deposit referred to in Section 2.01. Upon notification from the Depositor that the primary offering period is concluded, the Trustee shall withdraw from the Account or Accounts specified in the Prospectus or, if no Account is therein specified, from the Principal Account, and pay to the Depositor the Depositor's reimbursable expenses of organizing the Trust and sale of the Trust Units in an amount certified to the Trustee by the Depositor. If the balance of the Principal Account is insufficient to make such withdrawal, the Trustee shall, as di- rected by the Depositor, sell Securities identified by the Depositor, or distribute to the Depositor Securities having a value, as determined under Section 4.01 as of the date of distribution, sufficient for such reimbursement. The reimbursement provided for in this section shall be for the account of the Unitholders of record at the conclusion of the primary offering period and shall not be reflected in the computation of the Unit Value prior thereto. As used herein, the Depositor's reimbursable expenses of organizing the Trust and sale of the Trust Units shall include the cost of the initial preparation and typesetting of the registration statement, prospectuses (including preliminary prospectuses), the indenture, and other documents relating to the Trust, SEC and state blue sky registration fees, the cost of the initial valuation of the portfolio and audit of the Trust, the initial fees and expenses of the Trustee, and legal and other out-of-pocket expenses related thereto, but not including the expenses incurred in the printing of preliminary prospectuses and prospectuses, expenses incurred in the preparation and printing of brochures and other advertising materials and any other selling expenses. Any cash which the Depositor has identified as to be used for reimbursement of expenses pursuant to this Section shall be reserved by the Trustee for such ...
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INITIAL. 25.4 If and to the extent applicable, for the purposes of the CPA, the Purchaser and the signatory on its behalf (where applicable), after due consideration, by his signature of this Agreement acknowledge and agree that -
INITIAL. 19.3 Should the Aggrieved Party instruct its attorneys to take any steps against the Defaulting Party to enforce any of the Aggrieved Party’s rights in terms of this Agreement or to claim payment of any monies payable in terms of this Agreement, the Defaulting Party shall be liable for payment of all tracing fees, collection fees and other legal costs on the scale of attorney and own client. 20 COMPANY, CLOSE CORPORATION, TRUST AS PURCHASER
INITIAL. 9.5 The Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that no Improvements may be effected by the Purchaser other than by a Contractor, it being recorded that in terms of the Constitution the Developer or the HOA shall designate a list of Contractors who will be allowed to do building work of whatever nature and effect Improvements in the Development.
INITIAL. 9.6 The Purchaser further acknowledges that it will have no claim for damages or loss against the Developer or the HOA, arising from whatever cause as a result of any acts or omissions of a Contractor and hereby indemnifies the Developer and the HOA against any claim from any third party arising from the construction of such Improvements.
INITIAL. 25.2 In so far as section 16 of the CPA applies to the provisions of this Agreement and in so far as this sale has resulted from direct marketing by the Seller or its agents, the Purchaser has the right to cancel this Agreement without reason or penalty by written notice within 5 (five) Business Days after the Signature Date, or within 5 (five) Business Days after Transfer. If the Purchaser exercises its rights in terms of section 16 of the CPA –
INITIAL. 26.3 The Purchaser acknowledges that in terms of the CPA he has the right to receive goods, in this case the Property, that:
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INITIAL. 8.7 The Property is sold subject to the provisions of the Constitution, all such conditions as are mentioned and/or referred to in the title deed/s relating to the Property, all rights and encumbrances set out in the conditions of establishment and/or contained in the relevant township plan, such conditions as are or may hereafter be imposed by any local authority, including the conditions imposed in respect of the rezoning and/or subdivision of the Land.
INITIAL. 7.6 The Purchaser shall indemnify and hold harmless the Seller and its employees, agents, contractors, successors and assigns from and against all loss, damage, liability, and expense arising from any claim brought against any such indemnified party by a third party as result of the Purchaser’s occupation of the Property prior to the date of Transfer. INITIAL
INITIAL. 7.5 Under no circumstances whatsoever shall the Seller be liable to the Purchaser for any loss, damage, liability, and expense suffered by the Purchaser pursuant to the Purchaser’s occupation of the Property prior to the date of Transfer.
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