Entitled to vote definition

Entitled to vote means entitled to vote on the matter under consideration pursuant to the articles of incorporation or bylaws of the nonprofit corporation or any applicable controlling provision of law.
Entitled to vote means entitled to vote on the matter
Entitled to vote. . “Entitled to Vote” means and refers to that Lot Owner who shall cast a vote for a Lot at an Association meeting. If more than one person or legal entity shall own any Lot, the owners thereof shall determine among themselves who shall be the Member Entitled To Vote. Said determination shall be manifested upon a voting certificate, signed by all Owners of said Lot, and given to the Association Secretary for placement in the Association records. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, all Lot Owners whether Entitled To Vote or not are assured of all other privileges, rights, and obligations of Association membership and shall be Members of the Association. In no event shall any mortgagee or other party holding any type of security interest in a Lot or the Residence constructed thereon be Entitled To Vote for purposes hereof, unless and until any of said parties obtain or receive fee simple title to such Lot.

Examples of Entitled to vote in a sentence

  • Entitled to vote otherwise than in person under any other federal law.

  • US Department of Transportation.Retrieved from https://www.transit.dot.gov/research-innovation/mobility-demand-mod-sandbox-program.htmlliii Public Transportation Innovation Funding Opportunity; Mobility on Demand (MOD) Sandbox Demonstration Program, Vol.

  • Entitled to vote the Refinanced DIP Claims in Class 3 N/A Administrative Claims On the Effective Date, except to the extent that a holder of an Allowed Administrative Claim and the Debtor against which such Allowed Administrative Claim is asserted, with the prior written consent of the Plan Sponsor, agree to less favorable treatment for such holder, each holder of an Allowed Administrative Claim shall receive, in full satisfaction of its Claim, payment in full in cash.

  • Entitled to vote by absentee ballot under the federal "Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act", 52 U.S.C. sec.

  • Entitled to vote by absentee ballot under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act or the Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act.

  • Entitled to vote by absentee ballot under the federal "Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act", 42 U.S.C. sec.

  • SummaryThe results of the research are mostly reinforcing the findings presented earlier in the literature.

  • Voting Rights Entitled to vote on all matters upon which the holders of ordinary shares may vote, on an as-converted basis.

  • Entitled to vote at the general meeting shall be shareholders or their proxies when the shares carrying voting rights are registered in the register of shareholders and when a request for an admission card and voting paper has been submitted at least five (5) days prior to the general meeting.

  • Entitled to vote: No. Unimpaired.PI Class 2Atalaya Secured ClaimThe Atalaya Secured Claim against PI in PI Class 2 will be in the same amount as the Atalaya Secured Claim against PR in PR Class 2, will be included within PR Class 2, and will have the same treatment as the Atalaya Secured Claim in PR Class 2.

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Entitled to vote means that any Owner seeking to vote must be a Regular Member or a Charter Member in good standing with the Association and otherwise not disqualified from voting by the provisions of this Declaration. “Good Standing” shall mean that the Owner has not been suspended from the exercise of privileges (which suspension has been upheld by the Grievance Committee) and is not more than ninety (90) days delinquent with respect to any Charge. “Delinquency” shall be determined in accordance with the Association’s Credit Policy then in effect. Any Owner who is the object of an unresolved enforcement action authorized in the Governing Documents shall not be entitled to vote unless, on or before the date established for a vote, the Owner’s entitlement has been specifically restored by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. This definition shall apply equally to a Director’s entitlement to vote at a meeting of the Board of Directors.
Entitled to vote means entitled to vote on the resolution at a meeting of the relevant Class of Holders.
Entitled to vote means those who are eligible and who register to vote.” Wadena, 47 IBIA at 32. We therefore agree with the Regional Director’s conclusion that, because 510 of the 1,249 eligible voters who had registered to vote cast ballots in the election, the voter participation level exceeded the requirement of 30% of entitled voters set in § 81.7.

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  • Person entitled to enforce an instrument means (i) the holder of the instrument, (ii) a nonholder in possession of the instrument who has the rights of a holder, or (iii) a person not in possession of the instrument who is entitled to enforce the instrument pursuant to section 490:3-309 or 490:3-418(d). A person may be a person entitled to enforce the instrument even though the person is not the owner of the instrument or is in wrongful possession of the instrument.

  • Quorum means a majority of the Administrators or, if there are only two Administrators, both of them.

  • Majority (as defined in the 0000 Xxx) of the Fund's outstanding voting securities, provided that in either event the continuance is also approved by a majority of the Board of Directors who are not "interested persons" (as defined in said Act) of any party to this Agreement, by vote cast in person at a meeting called for the purpose of voting on such approval. This Agreement is terminable, without penalty, on 60 days' written notice, by the Board of Directors of the Fund or by vote of holders of a majority of the Fund's shares, or upon 90 days' written notice, by the Adviser. This Agreement will also terminate automatically in the event of its assignment (as defined in said Act).

  • Simple Majority means a resolution passed by more than 50% of those Members voting on the resolution either present (which shall include those present but not in Person) at a general meeting or represented by proxy, or in the case of a written resolution by Members signing the resolution. In the context of a Board meeting, Simple Majority means a resolution passed by more than 50% of those Directors voting on the resolution either present (which shall include those present but not in Person) at a Board meeting, or in the case of a written resolution by Directors signing the resolution;

  • Meeting means any meeting of:

  • physical meeting means a general meeting held and conducted by physical attendance and participation by shareholders and/or proxies at the Principal Meeting Place and/or where applicable, one or more Meeting Locations;

  • Eligible Voter means, for the purpose of voting in respect of Land matters under this Land Code, a Member who has attained eighteen (18) years of age on or before the day of the vote;

  • Closed Meeting means a meeting from which the public is excluded.

  • Majority Vote means a vote made by more than half of the Members who are present at a Meeting and who are entitled to vote and voting at that Meeting upon a resolution put to that Meeting.

  • absolute majority means a majority of the votes of all members of the body at the time entitled to vote, whether or not those members are present at the meeting, and whether or not they vote;

  • Age of majority means the chronological moment when a child legally assumes majority control over the child’s own person and actions and decisions, thereby terminating the legal control and legal responsibilities of the child’s parents over and for the child. The period of minority extends to the age of 18 years, but every minor attains majority by marriage.

  • Percentage of any Lender at any time shall mean a fraction (expressed as a percentage) the numerator of which is the Commitment of such Lender at such time and the denominator of which is the Total Commitment at such time, provided that if the Percentage of any Lender is to be determined after the Total Commitment has been terminated, then the Percentages of the Lenders shall be determined immediately prior (and without giving effect) to such termination.

  • Majority of Holders Holders holding over 50% of the aggregate principal amount of Notes outstanding; provided that, for the purpose of this Agreement, a holder of shares of Common Stock which constitute Transfer Restricted Securities shall be deemed to hold an aggregate principal amount of the Notes (in addition to the principal amount of the Notes held by such holder) equal to the quotient of (x) the number of such shares of Common Stock held by such holder and (y) the conversion rate in effect at the time of their issuance upon conversion of the Notes as determined in accordance with the Indenture.

  • Votes means the votes allocated to lots in the declaration under ORS 94.580 (2).

  • Substitute ballots means replacement ballots provided by an election officer to

  • Principal Amount of this Note at any time means (1) if this Note is a Discount Note (as hereinafter defined), the Amortized Face Amount (as hereinafter defined) at such time (as defined in Section 3(c) on the reverse hereof) and (2) in all other cases, the Principal Amount hereof. Capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have their meanings set forth in the Indenture, dated as of the date of the Pricing Supplement (the “Indenture”), between Citibank, N.A., as the indenture trustee (the “Indenture Trustee”), and the Trust, or on the face hereof. This Note will mature on the Stated Maturity Date, unless its principal (or any installment of its principal) becomes due and payable prior to the Stated Maturity Date, whether, as applicable, by the declaration of acceleration of maturity, notice of redemption by the Trust or otherwise (the Stated Maturity Date or any date prior to the Stated Maturity Date on which this Note becomes due and payable, as the case may be, is referred to as the “Maturity Date”). A “Discount Note” is any Note that has an Issue Price that is less than 100% of the Principal Amount thereof by a percentage that is equal to or greater than 0.25% multiplied by the product of the principal amount of the Notes and the number of full years to the Stated Maturity Date. Unless otherwise specified above, the interest payable on each Interest Payment Date or the Maturity Date will be the amount of interest accrued from and including the Original Issue Date or from and including the last Interest Payment Date to which interest has been paid or duly provided for, as the case may be, to, but excluding, such Interest Payment Date or the Maturity Date, as the case may be. Unless otherwise specified above, the interest payable on any Interest Payment Date will be paid to the Holder on the Regular Record Date for such Interest Payment Date, which Regular Record Date shall be the fifteenth (15th) calendar day, whether or not a Business Day, immediately preceding the related Interest Payment Date; provided that, notwithstanding any provision of the Indenture to the contrary, interest payable on any Maturity Date shall be payable to the Person to whom principal shall be payable; and provided, further, that unless otherwise specified above, in the case of a Note initially issued between a Regular Record Date and the Interest Payment Date relating to such Regular Record Date, interest for the period beginning on the Original Issue Date and ending on such Interest Payment Date shall be paid on the Interest Payment Date following the next succeeding Regular Record Date to the Holder on such next succeeding Regular Record Date. Payments of principal of, and premium, if any, and interest and other amounts due and owing, if any, will be made through the Indenture Trustee to the account of DTC or its nominee and will be made in accordance with depositary arrangements with DTC. Unless otherwise specified on the face hereof, the Holder hereof will not be obligated to pay any administrative costs imposed by banks in making payments in immediately available funds by the Trust. Unless otherwise specified on the face hereof, any tax assessment or governmental charge imposed upon payments hereunder, including, without limitation, any withholding tax, will be borne by the Holder hereof. REFERENCE IS HXXXXX MADE TO THE FURTHER PROVISIONS OF THIS NOTE SET FORTH ON THE REVERSE HEREOF. SUCH FURTHER PROVISIONS SHALL FOR ALL PURPOSES HAVE THE SAME EFFECT AS IF SET FORTH AT THIS PLACE. Unless the certificate of authentication hereon shall have been executed by the Indenture Trustee pursuant to the Indenture, this Note shall not be entitled to any benefit under such Indenture or be valid or obligatory for any purpose.

  • Aggregate Exposure Percentage with respect to any Lender at any time, the ratio (expressed as a percentage) of such Lender’s Aggregate Exposure at such time to the Aggregate Exposure of all Lenders at such time.

  • deemed to be elected means deemed to be elected for the purposes of counting of votes but without prejudice to the declaration of the result of the poll,

  • meeting of shareholders means such annual shareholders meeting or special shareholders meeting, whether general or not, at which one or more persons are nominated for election to the board by a Nominating Shareholder;