Increase Sample Clauses

Increase. (a) The Company may by giving prior notice to the Agent by no later than the date falling five Business Days after the effective date of a cancellation of:
Increase amend Clause 2 (Facilities) to provide for the ability to increase Commitments under a Facility by increasing a Lender’s Commitments with that Lender’s consent or by including new Commitments of any bank, financial institution, trust, fund or any other entity selected by the Company, including (but without limitation) the ability to increase the Commitments in an amount equal to the amount of any commitments cancelled as a result of (i) illegality, or (ii) Commitments cancelled as a result of the relevant Lender becoming a defaulting lender. Amend to permit the Company to pay a fee to any increase Lender.
Increase. In addition, Executive shall receive an amount equal to 1/12 of the greater of: • The projected incentive compensation plan awards for the year in which termination of employment occurs; or • The incentive compensation plan awards to the Executive for the most recently ended plan year, for each full or partial month in the current plan year prior to the month of Executive’s termination of employment.
Increase. (a) Notwithstanding Clause 2.1 (The Original Revolving Facility) above, and in addition to paragraph (b) below, the Company may with the prior consent of a Lender, any bank, financial institution, trust, fund or any other entity selected by the Company (each an Increase Lender) and by giving 5 Business Days prior notice to the Facility Agent (or such shorter period as may be agreed between the Company and the Facility Agent (without any requirement for consent from any other Finance Party)), increase the Commitments under any Facility by including any new Commitments of any Increase Lender provided that:
Increase. Whirlpool may request at any time and from time to time that the Aggregate Commitment be increased to a maximum amount of not more than $4,000,000,000; provided that (i) no increase in the Aggregate Commitment shall be made at a time when a Default or Unmatured Default shall have occurred and be continuing or would result from the requested increase, (ii) no increase in the Aggregate Commitment shall be made at any time after the Aggregate Commitment has been terminated in accordance with Section 2.03(c)(i), (iii) each partial increase shall be made in an aggregate amount at least equal to $10,000,000 and in integral multiples of $5,000,000 above such amount, (iv) to the extent that resolutions of Whirlpool previously delivered hereunder shall not have authorized such increase and borrowings, Whirlpool shall have delivered to the Administrative Agent certified resolutions of the Board of Directors of Whirlpool authorizing such increase and borrowings in connection therewith and (v) all of the representations and warranties set forth in Article 6 (except for (x) those contained in Sections 6.04, 6.05 and 6.07 and (y) those contained in Sections 6.06 and 6.12 solely as such representations and warranties relate to any Subsidiary acquired in connection with a Material Acquisition (including any Subsidiary of the target of such Material Acquisition) consummated within 30 days prior to the effective date of such increase) shall be true and correct in all material respects as of the date of such request and as of the effective date of such increase. Any Lender may refuse to participate in any proposed increase in the Aggregate Commitment, and failure to respond to any request to participate in an increase in the Aggregate Commitments shall be deemed to constitute a refusal to so participate. In the event of such a requested increase in the Commitment, Whirlpool shall consult with the Administrative Agent as to the number, identity and requested Commitments of increasing Lenders and additional financial institutions that the Administrative Agent may invite to participate in the aggregate Commitment, and the identity of such Lenders and allocations among such Lenders shall be as determined by Whirlpool in consultation with the Administrative Agent and the Issuing Lenders. The Administrative Agent will not unreasonably refuse to so invite a commercial bank organized, identified and requested by Whirlpool and approved by the Administrative Agent and each Issuing Len...
Increase. (a) The Borrower may by giving prior notice to the Agent by no later than the date falling 10 Business Days after the effective date of a cancellation of the Available Commitment or the Revolving Facility Commitment of an Illegal Lender in accordance with Clause 8.1 (Illegality) or Replaceable Lender in accordance with Clause 37.7 (Cancellation and repayment of a Replaceable Lender (other than an Illegal Lender)) (such Available Commitment or Revolving Facility Commitment so cancelled being the “Cancelled Commitment”) request that the Revolving Facility Commitments be increased (and the Revolving Facility Commitments shall be so increased) by an aggregate amount in Hong Kong dollars of up to the amount of the Cancelled Commitment as follows:
Increase. (i) The Borrower may at any time, by notice to the Administrative Agent not less than three Business Days prior to a Commitment Increase Date (as defined below), propose that the aggregate amount of the Commitments be increased (each such proposed increase being a “Commitment Increase”), through an increase of the Commitment or Commitments of one or more existing Lenders and/or the addition of one or more Persons (who shall be Eligible Assignees) as Assuming Lenders, as the Borrower may determine, all effective as of a date (the “Commitment Increase Date”) that shall be specified in such notice and that shall be prior to the Commitment Termination Date; provided that
Increase. The increases to the fixed time deposit shall be allowed under the conditions that THE BANK establishes at its entire discretion, the maximum allowed by THE BANK.