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Improve. Ridge Analysis
Improve. Simulations
Improve providing additional services to that from the City Council, to create a cleaner and improved street environment. Projects included:  Annual wash and deep clean of the Town Centre’s paving and tarmac areas;  Targeted BID caretaking and maintenance service, responsive to Northfield business membersneeds such as litter picking, graffiti removal of business premises etc.;  Developing the Retail Crime partnership, which included the provision of 90 retail radios, offender photo schemes and police liaison activities to keep the high street safe and secure;  Contracting a high street security company to provide a regular security officer presence within the high street;  Seasonal floral planter boxes throughout the high street and summer flowers at the key gateway junctions of the town centre;  Christmas lights and trees, Invested over £100,000 in visually improving the town centre in conjunction with City Council’s Planning and Regeneration and District Highways officers to reduce and remove unnecessary street furniture, relocate bins and install new demountable bollards on Tays Corner and Prices Square, so to protect the public highway.

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PRODUCTIVITY For the duration of this Agreement, VCPPOA and Management agree to jointly support efforts to increase efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, and economy in all operations through improving methods, reducing waste, and in exploring and implementing change that will contribute to sound, effective, economical County government.
Profitability Subject to safety, liquidity and sound risk control, Party B shall fully utilize its advantages in scale and organization, strengthen the portfolio deployment and investment operation of the Entrusted Assets, and promote innovative investment so as to improve the profit level of the Entrusted Assets to the extent possible.
Improvement Contractor changes made to Deliverables from time to time either to provide additional functions for Department use or to correct errors and other Performance deficiencies noted by the Department and reported to the Contractor.
Project Development Prior to the Commercial Operation Date, SRC Producer agrees to (i) submit semi-annual progress reports to Company including current status of each Construction Milestone, any significant developments or delays along with an action plan for making up delays, and SRC Producer’s best estimate of the Commercial Operation Date; (ii) provide copies of reports submitted to the Facility Lender relating to status, progress and development of the project, (iii) Upon Company request, meet with the Company to participate in semi-annual meetings to discuss the progress reports, answer questions, and assess the schedule, and (iv) participate in semi-annual progress review and issue remediation meetings when requested by the Company. SRC Producer shall make all relevant contractors available to Company in order to keep the Company fully informed on the status of the development. The semi-annual progress reports are due on every 6 month interval determined from the date the application is created by Public Service, ceasing once Commercial Operation has been obtained. Upon request, the Company shall have the right to monitor the construction, start-up, testing, and operation of the Facility at the Facility for compliance with this agreement, provided, however, that Company shall comply with all of SRC Producer’s applicable safety and health rules and requirements. Company’s monitoring of the Facility shall not be construed as inspections or endorsing the design thereof nor as any express or implied warranties including performance, safety, durability, or reliability of the Facility.
Projects with more than one reporting period, the Commission shall make interim payments of the Community financial contribution corresponding to the amount accepted for each reporting period.
Infrastructure Modification of the location and/or sizing of the infrastructure for the Project that does not materially change the functionality of the infrastructure.
Project The Recipient declares its commitment to the objectives of the Project and the Program. To this end, the Recipient shall carry out the Project in accordance with the provisions of Article IV of the General Conditions.Without limitation upon the provisions of Section 3.01 of this Agreement, and except as the Recipient and the Association shall otherwise agree, the Recipient shall ensure that the Project is carried out in accordance with the provisions of Schedule 2 to this Agreement.
Working Facilities During the Term of Employment, the Company shall furnish the Executive with an office, secretarial help and such other facilities and services suitable to his position and adequate for the performance of his duties hereunder.
Design For services described under Section 2B2, Design, the Authority shall pay Consultant a lump sum which will include all expense, labor, and cost associated with this task. Payment will be made monthly based on the percentage of completion up to 70% of the total lump sum amount. After submission by the Consultant to the Authority of a draft set of contract documents, payment will be made monthly based on the percentage of completion up to 90% of the total lump sum amount. The balance will be paid when the final contract documents are submitted to the Authority.
Review Systems It will maintain business process management and/or other systems necessary to ensure that it can perform each Test and, on execution of this Agreement, will load each Test into these systems. The Asset Representations Reviewer will ensure that these systems allow for each Asset Review Receivable and the related Asset Review Materials to be individually tracked and stored as contemplated by this Agreement.