House Keeping Sample Clauses

House Keeping i. All inflammable wastes like cotton waste, plastic, broken wooden planks / parts, jutes, cloths, papers/electrodes packets etc. should be removed by the contractors from the ship every day.
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House Keeping. 11.1. All Hirer’s are responsible for setting up and packing up the facility. Time should be allocated within the hire period for set up /pack up. The facility must be restored to its original layout as identified at the Pre-Hire Inspection and Induction Meeting.
House Keeping. 11.1 The non-resident parent is responsible for cleaning up contact session rooms prior to leaving LifeCare’s premises including removing all rubbish, vacuuming (if necessary) and placing furniture, toys and all other items belonging to LifeCare back in their original location.
House Keeping. 3.1 The Contractor shall provide House Keeping Services for all the rooms available in the guest house & transit flat and other areas like lounge, dining halls etc., of which a detailed list is provided separately.
House Keeping. The Contractor is responsible for any damage to buildings, floors and plant incurred during the Provision of the Works. The work-sites are to be kept clean, neat and free of waste at all times. The working areas and material storage areas are barricaded off and sign-posted to prevent unauthorised access to anyone not involved with the job. The plant is left in the same or better condition, after Completion of the works, than it was found.
House Keeping a) Daily cleaning and upkeep of rooms including bathrooms and also sweeping/mopping of corridors, staircases and pathways leading to the entrance. Only Harpik or equivalent cleaner will be used for cleaning the toilet seat, bathroom wash basin. Use of Acid for cleaning of these items is not allowed at all. Cleaning of flooring wiil be done by good quality phenol.
House Keeping. You are expected to keep your room and common area in a clean condition, to keep your own room clean, pest free and free of garbage including the bathroom. You are to wash your own dishes, clean the stove and refrigerator as necessary. Do not leave food on the counter. Failure to do so will attract insects and bugs. Place food in sealed containers or leave in the refrigerator Random spot checks will be done by management. Quads which are not being kept in a satisfactory manner will get 1st warning, 2nd time a fine of $50.00 per student and 3rd time eviction from the dorms. PLEASE INITIAL
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House Keeping. Keep sinks, lavatories and commodes open. Lessee/s has 7 days to report any malfunctions, replace all broken windows, repair all screens, walls, both interior and exterior. Service calls for HVAC are to be paid for by Lessee including but not limited to replacement of airfilter monthly. All HVAC problems and service repairs are the responsibility of the Lessee/s. Service calls placed by the Lessor/s require repayment by the Lessee/s within 30 days of the cost of repairs made necessary by misuse, neglect, negligent, or careless use of said premises by the Lessee/s or their guests. No Lessee/s incurred expenses shall be deducted from the monthly rent under any circumstances whatsoever. Lessee/s is/are responsible for any vandals or burglars until all keys are returned to Lessor/s.
House Keeping. (a) Each Group Company has complied, in all material respects, with all requirements under Environmental Laws in relation to asbestos containing materials at each and any of the Properties, and each Property has an up-to-date and adequate asbestos assessment in respect of which any appropriate risk management measures have been implemented. So far as the Seller is aware, no material expenditure may reasonably be expected to have to be incurred in relation to any outstanding such measures.
House Keeping. The Contractor shall keep the job site free from accumulation of refuse, scrap materials and debris at all times. The site shall present a neat and orderly appearance. All materials shall be removed from the site on a daily basis, including loading, cartage, hauling and dumping. State dumpsters are not to be used for disposal of those materials. This will be at the Contractor’s expense. Final clearing and cleanup shall be done promptly and properly. If not, the State shall have the right to employ others and charge the cost to the Contractor, after first giving a three (3) working day notice of such intent. Final payment shall be withheld, until the work area is determined acceptable by the State,
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