Hive Sample Clauses

Hive. ® – Because of the extremely custom nature of this product line, please see the Hive® Pricer for coverage limits and exclusions. Other: • Carts – Warranty is 5 years for structure and workmanship and 1 year for casters. Carts include the RE-LOADBattery cart, Sync table cart, Aero table cart, Parx table cart, Kendo chair cart, Filo chair cart, and Encore chair cart. • Booth Movers – Warranty is 2 years. Product is used for fixed frame Chariotbooths. • EssayThis warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear or problems caused by abusive or abnormal use, modification or alteration, improper assembly/installation, failures resulting from inadequate inspection and maintenance, accident, vandalism, or freights damage. Any incidental or consequential damages, including by not limited to business losses, personal property damage and third party liabilities are hereby expressly excluded. • Serving Line Equipment – Warranty is 15 years for structural frame and boards only. Cold and heat xxxxx, sneeze guards, traffic rails, and electrical components have a 1 year limited warranty.
Hive. Down Each unencumbered entity and asset including, but not limited to, those specified in sections E3 and E4 below (other than (i) any entity or asset which will be hived down to RigCo, (ii) cash and (iii) any subsidiary of Seadrill Limited party to a newbuild contract (including North Atlantic Rigel Limited and any equity stake in the West Rigel rig or related joint venture) to be hived down to the NSNCo Group as contemplated in the hive down steps paper prepared by Ernst & Young LLP (the “EY Paper”) or in sections X0, X0 and E5 below. For the avoidance of doubt, the hive down and change in shareholding structure of Seabras Sapura Participacoes SA and
Hive. Insurance Services reserves the right to vary this Agreement upon giving one month’s notice to the Intermediary except in circumstances where changes in the rules of a relevant regulatory body are required to take immediate effect, in which case no notice will be required. Any variation to these terms will not affect Policies in force or proposals for Policies received by Hive Insurance Services before any such change has been made.
Hive down § 7
Hive. Down 5.1 Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, the Seller shall indemnify and hold harmless the Buyer against, and shall pay promptly on demand to the Buyer an amount equal to all Losses suffered by, and all Tax paid, payable or liable to be paid by, the Buyer and/or any member of the Buyer's Group as a result of: (a) the Hive Down (or any part of it, including the transfer or termination of any individual’s employment in connection with the Hive Down) subsequently being unwound or declared void in whole or in part by a court of competent jurisdiction (whether pursuant to section 238 of the Insolvency Xxx 0000 (or equivalent provisions in Northern Ireland or the ROI, where applicable) or otherwise); or (b) any failure by any member of the Seller’s Group to implement or record, or to procure the implementation or recording of, any part of the Hive Down in accordance with applicable laws; or (c) any failure by any member of the Seller’s Group to implement or record, or to procure the implementation or recording of, any part of the Hive Down in accordance with the terms of the Hive Down Agreements; or
Hive. Down to form a new company and to subscribe for or acquire (for cash or otherwise) any investment in or of the new company and to sell, transfer, assign, exchange and otherwise dispose of or realise any such investments or part thereof or any rights attaching thereto;