VOETSTOOTS Sample Clauses

VOETSTOOTS. 15.1 The Property is sold “voetstoots” and subject to the terms and conditions and servitudes mentioned or referred to in the current and/or prior Title Deeds and to the conditions of establishment of the Township in which it is situated and to the zoning applied to it under any Town Planning Scheme. The Seller shall not profit by any excess, nor shall it be answerable for any deficiency in the extent thereof. Neither the Seller nor the Agent shall be responsible for pointing out to the Purchaser any surveyor’s pegs or beacons in respect of the Property unless requested do so by the Purchaser or unless the Seller and/or Agent had knowledge of any material deficiencies in the extent.
VOETSTOOTS. 8.1 The property is sold VOETSTOOTS, and neither the AUCTIONEER nor the SELLER gives any guarantee as to the extent, patent or latent defects, the nature, quality or legality of improvements, or the legality of any activities practised thereon, and will not be held liable for any damages arising from same. The property is sold subject to all conditions, servitudes, current or forthcoming land claims, legal or illegal occupants and/or expropriation applicable to the property and evidenced in the existing Title Deed of the specific property.
VOETSTOOTS. Save as is otherwise specifically provided for in this agreement, the property is sold to the Purchaser who purchases it voetstoots and as it stands. If on the subsequent survey of the properties for the purposes of the diagrams referred to in this agreement, it appears that the properties are either of greater or lesser extent than indicated in this agreement, neither party shall have a claim against the other for either an increase or decrease in the purchase price in relation to such variation.
VOETSTOOTS. The Purchaser agrees and acknowledges that:
VOETSTOOTS. The property is sold voetstoots and the Seller shall not be liable for any defects, patent (obvious flaws) or latent (hidden / undisclosed) or otherwise in the property or for any damage occasioned to or suffered by the Purchaser by reason of such defect. The Purchaser admits having inspected the property to his satisfaction and that no guarantees or warranties of any nature were made by the Seller or his agent regarding the condition or quality of the property or any of the improvements thereon or accessories thereof.
VOETSTOOTS. The Property is sold as described in the existing title deed or deeds thereof, and subject to all conditions and servitudes (if any) attaching thereto or mentioned or referred to in the said title deeds or prior deed. The Seller shall not be liable for any deficiency in extent which may be revealed on any re- survey, nor shall the Seller benefit by any surplus in extent.
VOETSTOOTS. 5.1 Save as provided in the AGREEMENT, the PURCHASER purchases the PROPERTY voetstoots and shall have no claim against the SELLER in respect of any defects whether latent or patent in thePROPERTY.