Cross-Collateralized Mortgage Loans Sample Clauses

Cross-Collateralized Mortgage Loans. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, it is hereby acknowledged that certain groups of Mortgage Loans are, in the case of each such particular group of Mortgage Loans (each, a "Cross-Collateralized Group"), by their terms, cross-defaulted and cross-collateralized, if identified as such on the Mortgage Loan Schedule. For purposes of reference, the Mortgaged Property that relates or corresponds to any of the Mortgage Loans referred to in this Section 17 shall be the property identified in the Mortgage Loan Schedule as corresponding thereto. The provisions of this Agreement, including, without limitation, each of the representations and warranties set forth in Exhibit C hereto and each of the capitalized terms used herein but defined in the Pooling and Servicing Agreement, shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with this Section 17. In addition, if there exists with respect to any Cross-Collateralized Group only one original of any document referred to in the definition of "Mortgage File" in the Pooling and Servicing Agreement and covering all the Mortgage Loans in such Cross-Collateralized Group, the inclusion of the original of such document in the Mortgage File for any of the Mortgage Loans constituting such Cross-Collateralized Group shall be deemed an inclusion of such original in the Mortgage File for each such Mortgage Loan.
Cross-Collateralized Mortgage Loans. The Master Servicer shall administer any Cross-Collateralized Mortgage Loans that are cross-collateralized with each other in accordance with this Agreement, as a single Mortgage Loan. All amounts collected in respect of any related Cross-Collateralized Mortgage Loans shall be applied between or among such Mortgage Loans in accordance with the express provisions of the related loan documents or, in the absence of such express provisions, on a pro rata basis in accordance with the respective amounts then due as to each of such Mortgage Loans. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, the Master Servicer shall not waive any right that it has, or grant any consent it is otherwise entitled to withhold, under any related due-on-sale clause governing the transfer of any Mortgaged Property that secures Cross-Collateralized Mortgage Loans unless all of the Mortgaged Properties securing such Cross-Collateralized Mortgage Loans are transferred simultaneously to the same transferee.
Cross-Collateralized Mortgage Loans. The Master Servicer or Special Servicer, as applicable in accordance with this Agreement, shall service and administer the Mortgage Loans in each Borrower Group as a single Mortgage Loan as and when it deems necessary and appropriate and consistent with the Servicing Standard.

Related to Cross-Collateralized Mortgage Loans

  • Whole Loan Each Mortgage Loan is a whole loan and not a participation interest in a mortgage loan.

  • Sale of Defaulted Mortgage Loans and REO Properties (a) (i) Within thirty (30) days after a Defaulted Mortgage Loan has become a Specially Serviced Mortgage Loan, the Special Servicer shall order (but shall not be required to have received) an Appraisal and within thirty (30) days of receipt of the Appraisal shall determine the fair value of such Defaulted Mortgage Loan in accordance with the Servicing Standard; provided, however, that if the Special Servicer is then in the process of obtaining an Appraisal with respect to the related Mortgaged Property, the Special Servicer shall make its fair value determination as soon as reasonably practicable (but in any event within thirty (30) days) after its receipt of such an Appraisal. The Special Servicer may, from time to time, adjust its fair value determination based upon changed circumstances, new information and other relevant factors, in each instance in accordance with a review of such circumstances and new information in accordance with the Servicing Standard; provided that the Special Servicer shall promptly notify the Master Servicer in writing of the initial fair value determination and any adjustment to its fair value determination.

  • Special Serviced Mortgage Loans If directed by the Special Servicer and solely at the Special Servicer’s option, each Servicer, other than WMMSC (a “Transferring Servicer”), shall transfer the servicing of any Mortgage Loan (other than a WMMSC Serviced Mortgage Loan) 90 days or more delinquent to the Special Servicer. The Special Servicer shall thereupon assume all of the rights and obligations of the Transferring Servicer, as Servicer, hereunder arising thereafter and the Transferring Servicer shall have no further rights or obligations, as Servicer, hereunder with respect to such Mortgage Loan (except that the Special Servicer shall not be (i) liable for losses of the Transferring Servicer pursuant to Section 3.09 hereof or for any acts or omissions of the Transferring Servicer hereunder prior to the servicing transfer date, (ii) obligated to effectuate repurchases or substitutions of Mortgage Loans hereunder including, but not limited to, repurchases or substitutions of Mortgage Loans pursuant to Section 2.02 or 2.03 hereof or (iii) deemed to have made any representations and warranties of the Transferring Servicer hereunder). Upon the transfer of the servicing of any such Mortgage Loan to the Special Servicer, the Special Servicer shall be entitled to the Servicing Fee and other compensation accruing after the servicing transfer date with respect to such Mortgage Loans pursuant to Section 3.14. In connection with the transfer of the servicing of any Mortgage Loan to the Special Servicer, the Transferring Servicer, at the Special Servicer’s expense, shall deliver to the Special Servicer all documents and records relating to such Mortgage Loans and an accounting of amounts collected or held by it and otherwise use its best efforts to effect the orderly and efficient transfer of the servicing to the Special Servicer. On the servicing transfer date, the Special Servicer shall reimburse the Transferring Servicer for all unreimbursed Advances, Servicing Advances and Servicing Fees relating to the Mortgage Loans for which the servicing is being transferred. The Special Servicer shall be entitled to be reimbursed pursuant to Section 3.08 or otherwise pursuant to this Agreement for all such Advances, Servicing Advances and Servicing Fees paid by the Transferring Servicer pursuant to this Section 3.19. In addition, the Special Servicer shall notify the Master Servicer of such transfer and the effective date of such transfer, and amend the Mortgage Loan Schedule to reflect that such Mortgage Loans are Special Serviced Mortgage Loans.

  • Cross-Collateralization No Mortgage Loan is cross-collateralized or cross-defaulted with any other mortgage loan that is outside the Mortgage Pool, except in the case of a Mortgage Loan that is part of a Whole Loan.

  • Specially Serviced Mortgage Loans (a) The Master Servicer shall send a written notice to the Special Servicer, the Controlling Class Representative (during any Subordinate Control Period and any Collective Consultation Period), the Trust Advisor (other than during any Subordinate Control Period), the 17g-5 Information Provider (who shall promptly post such notice on the 17g-5 Information Provider’s Website), the Certificate Administrator (who shall promptly post such notice on the Certificate Administrator’s Website), the Trustee, the Custodian, the related Seller and solely as it relates to any A/B Whole Loan, to the holder of the related B Note and solely as it relates to any Loan Pair, to the holder of the related Serviced Companion Loan, within five (5) Business Days after becoming aware of a Servicing Transfer Event with respect to a Mortgage Loan, which notice shall identify the related Mortgage Loan and set forth in reasonable detail the nature and relevant facts of such Servicing Transfer Event and whether such Mortgage Loan is covered by an Environmental Insurance Policy (and for purposes of stating whether such Mortgage Loan is covered by an Environmental Insurance Policy the Master Servicer may rely on Schedule IX attached hereto) and, in the case of the Special Servicer, shall be accompanied by a copy of the Servicer Mortgage File.

  • The Mortgage Loans Concurrently with the execution and delivery of this Agreement, the Seller hereby transfers to the Purchaser, without recourse, all of its right, title and interest existing now or in the future in,

  • Mortgage Loan The appraisal was conducted by an appraiser who had no interest, direct or indirect, in the Mortgaged Property or in any loan made on the security thereof; and whose compensation is not affected by the approval or disapproval of the Mortgage Loan, and the appraisal and the appraiser both satisfy the applicable requirements of Title XI of the Financial Institution Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989 and the regulations promulgated thereunder, all as in effect on the date the Mortgage Loan was originated;

  • Defective Collateralization This Agreement or any of the Related Documents ceases to be in full force and effect (including failure of any collateral document to create a valid and perfected security interest or lien) at any time and for any reason.

  • Cross-Default; Cross-Collateralization (a) Borrower acknowledges that Lender has made the Loan to Borrower upon the security of its collective interest in the Properties and in reliance upon the aggregate of the Properties taken together being of greater value as collateral security than the sum of each Individual Property taken separately. Borrower agrees that each of the Loan Documents (including, without limitation, the Security Instruments) are and will be cross collateralized and cross defaulted with each other so that (i) an Event of Default under any of Loan Documents shall constitute an Event of Default under each of the other Loan Documents; (ii) an Event of Default hereunder shall constitute an Event of Default under each Security Instrument; (iii) each Security Instrument shall constitute security for the Note as if a single blanket lien were placed on all of the Properties as security for the Note; and (iv) such cross collateralization shall in no event be deemed to constitute a fraudulent conveyance and Borrower waives any claims related thereto.

  • Realization Upon Defaulted Mortgage Loans; REO Property (a) The Servicer shall use reasonable efforts to foreclose upon or otherwise comparably convert the ownership of Mortgaged Properties securing such of the Mortgage Loans as come into and continue in default and as to which no satisfactory arrangements can be made for collection of delinquent payments. In connection with such foreclosure or other conversion, the Servicer shall follow Customary Servicing Procedures and shall meet the requirements of the insurer under any Required Insurance Policy; provided, however, that the Servicer may enter into a special servicing agreement with an unaffiliated Holder of 100% Percentage Interest of a Class of Class B Certificates or a holder of a class of securities representing interests in the Class B Certificates alone or together with other subordinated mortgage pass-through certificates. Such agreement shall be substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit K or subject to each Rating Agency's acknowledgment that the ratings of the Certificates in effect immediately prior to the entering into such agreement would not be qualified, downgraded or withdrawn and the Certificates would not be placed on credit review status (except for possible upgrading) as a result of such agreement. Any such agreement may contain provisions whereby such holder may instruct the Servicer to commence or delay foreclosure proceedings with respect to delinquent Mortgage Loans and will contain provisions for the deposit of cash by the holder that would be available for distribution to Certificateholders if Liquidation Proceeds are less than they otherwise may have been had the Servicer acted in accordance with its normal procedures. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Servicer shall not be required to expend its own funds in connection with any foreclosure or towards the restoration of any Mortgaged Property unless it shall determine (i) that such restoration and/or foreclosure will increase the proceeds of liquidation of the Mortgage Loan after reimbursement to itself of such expenses and (ii) that such expenses will be recoverable to it through proceeds of the liquidation of the Mortgage Loan (respecting which it shall have priority for purposes of withdrawals from the Servicer Custodial Account). Any such expenditures shall constitute Servicing Advances for purposes of this Agreement. The decision of the Servicer to foreclose on a defaulted Mortgage Loan shall be subject to a determination by the Servicer that the proceeds of such foreclosure would exceed the costs and expenses of bringing such a proceeding. With respect to any REO Property, the deed or certificate of sale shall be taken in the name of the Trustee for the benefit of the Certificateholders, or its nominee, on behalf of the Certificateholders. The Trustee's name shall be placed on the title to such REO Property solely as the Trustee hereunder and not in its individual capacity. The Servicer shall ensure that the title to such REO Property references this Agreement and the Trustee's capacity hereunder. Pursuant to its efforts to sell such REO Property, the Servicer shall either itself or through an agent selected by the Servicer manage, conserve, protect and operate such REO Property in the same manner that it manages, conserves, protects and operates other foreclosed property for its own account and in the same manner that similar property in the same locality as the REO Property is managed. Incident to its conservation and protection of the interests of the Certificateholders, the Servicer may rent the same, or any part thereof, as the Servicer deems to be in the best interest of the Certificateholders for the period prior to the sale of such REO Property. The Servicer shall prepare for and deliver to the Trustee a statement with respect to each REO Property that has been rented, if any, showing the aggregate rental income received and all expenses incurred in connection with the management and maintenance of such REO Property at such times as is necessary to enable the Trustee to comply with the reporting requirements of the REMIC Provisions; provided, however, that the Servicer shall have no duty to rent any REO Property on behalf of the Trust. The net monthly rental income, if any, from such REO Property shall be deposited in the Servicer Custodial Account no later than the close of business on each Determination Date. The Servicer shall perform, with respect to the Mortgage Loans, the tax reporting and withholding required by Sections 1445 and 6050J of the Code with respect to foreclosures and abandonments, the tax reporting required by Section 6050H of the Code with respect to the receipt of mortgage interest from individuals and, if required by Section 6050P of the Code with respect to the cancellation of indebtedness by certain financial entities, by preparing such tax and information returns as may be required, in the form required. The Servicer shall deliver copies of such reports to the Trustee. If the Trust acquires any Mortgaged Property as described above or otherwise in connection with a default or a default which is reasonably foreseeable on a Mortgage Loan, the Servicer shall dispose of such Mortgaged Property prior to the end of the third calendar year following the year of its acquisition by the Trust (such period, the "REO Disposition Period") unless (A) the Trustee shall have been supplied by the Servicer with an Opinion of Counsel to the effect that the holding by the Trust of such Mortgaged Property subsequent to the REO Disposition Period will not result in the imposition of taxes on "prohibited transactions" on the REMIC (as defined in Section 860F of the Code) or cause the Trust Estate to fail to qualify as a REMIC at any time that any Certificates are outstanding, or (B) the Trustee (at the Servicer's expense) or the Servicer shall have applied for, prior to the expiration of the REO Disposition Period, an extension of the REO Disposition Period in the manner contemplated by Section 856(e)(3) of the Code. If such an Opinion of Counsel is provided or such an exemption is obtained, the Trust may continue to hold such Mortgaged Property (subject to any conditions contained in such Opinion of Counsel) for the applicable period. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, no Mortgaged Property acquired by the Trust shall be rented (or allowed to continue to be rented) or otherwise used for the production of income by or on behalf of the Trust in such a manner or pursuant to any terms that would (i) cause such Mortgaged Property to fail to qualify as "foreclosure property" within the meaning of Section 860G(a)(8) of the Code or (ii) subject the REMIC to the imposition of any federal, state or local income taxes on the income earned from such Mortgaged Property under Section 860G(c) of the Code or otherwise, unless the Servicer has agreed to indemnify and hold harmless the Trust with respect to the imposition of any such taxes. The Servicer shall identify to the Trustee any Mortgaged Property relating to a Mortgage Loan held by the Trust for 30 months for which no plans to dispose of such Mortgaged Property by the Servicer have been made. After delivery of such identification, the Servicer shall proceed to dispose of any such Mortgaged Property by holding a commercially reasonable auction for such property. The income earned from the management of any REO Properties, net of reimbursement to the Servicer for expenses incurred (including any property or other taxes) in connection with such management and net of unreimbursed Servicing Fees, Periodic Advances and Servicing Advances, shall be applied to the payment of principal of and interest on the related defaulted Mortgage Loans (solely for the purposes of allocating principal and interest, interest shall be treated as accruing as though such Mortgage Loans were still current) and all such income shall be deemed, for all purposes in this Agreement, to be payments on account of principal and interest on the related Mortgage Notes and shall be deposited into the Servicer Custodial Account. To the extent the net income received during any calendar month is in excess of the amount attributable to amortizing principal and accrued interest at the related Mortgage Interest Rate on the related Mortgage Loan for such calendar month, such excess shall be considered to be a partial prepayment of principal of the related Mortgage Loan. The proceeds from any liquidation of a Mortgage Loan, as well as any income from an REO Property, will be applied in the following order of priority: first, to reimburse the Servicer for any related unreimbursed Servicing Advances and Servicing Fees; second, to reimburse the Servicer for any unreimbursed Periodic Advances and to reimburse the Servicer Custodial Account for any Nonrecoverable Advances (or portions thereof) that were previously withdrawn by the Servicer pursuant to Section 3.11(a)(iii) that related to such Mortgage Loan; third, to accrued and unpaid interest (to the extent no Periodic Advance has been made for such amount or any such Periodic Advance has been reimbursed) on the Mortgage Loan or related REO Property, at the Mortgage Rate to the Due Date occurring in the month in which such amounts are required to be distributed; and fourth, as a recovery of principal of the Mortgage Loan. Excess Proceeds, if any, from the liquidation of a Liquidated Mortgage Loan will be retained by the Servicer as additional servicing compensation pursuant to Section 3.17.