Funding Adjustments Sample Clauses

Funding Adjustments. Funding Adjustments may be made for the following reasons and in the following manner:
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Funding Adjustments. 36. (a) The amount of funding provided with respect to any Property in the Minimum Estimated Property Funding Account and Reserve Property Funding Account shall be reduced on the Effective Date to reflect actual expenditures by the Debtors at the Property for third party contractor costs for Environmental Actions at the Property (1) that were paid by Debtors between July 1, 2010, and October 31, 2010, except to the extent already credited under Attachment A, provided that the costs for which the Debtors are seeking reduction were approved in writing by the Lead Agency (including approval of an estimate of such costs), and (2) any actual expenditures by the Debtors at the Property for third party contractor costs for Environmental Actions with respect to a Property between November 1, 2010 and the Effective Date will be a reduction provided that such costs were pre-approved in writing by the Lead Agency (including pre-approval of an estimate of such costs). In no event shall any reductions be made for Environmental Actions performed by Debtors between July 1, 2010, and the Effective Date that exceed either the cost for them in the Property’s Minimum Estimated Property Funding Account or Reserve Property Funding Account or any approval or pre-approval of such costs. Following completion of any such Environmental Action and payment thereof, Debtors shall provide documentation to the Lead Agency of the exact amount of the expenditure. In no event shall reductions be made for expenditures of Debtors that are not reimbursements of expenditures for and payments to third party contractors. In no event shall reductions be made for expenditures of Debtors on any property that is not related to a Property set forth on Attachment A hereto. Any reductions or payments under this Paragraph are subject to the approval in writing of the Lead Agency that the reductions or payments are consistent with this Paragraph. Any disputes under this Paragraph shall be resolved by the Bankruptcy Court.
Funding Adjustments. Whenever the XXX determine that:
Funding Adjustments. The initial funding of the Charter School in each academic year shall be based on the number of students set forth in the Charter School’s “Proposed Budget,” as set forth in Paragraph 4.3(B). The parties agree that it is their intent that the funding of the Charter School shall be based directly on the funding received by the District for the Charter School Students. Accordingly, the District shall adjust the funding to reflect the actual funded student count (as determined by the funded pupils at JRCS on the official count date, which is currently October 1) as compared to the estimated student count used at the beginning of the school year and regardless of whether students transfer from the District to the Charter School or the Charter School to the District subsequent to such count date. Such adjustments may include, without limitation, an adjustment to reflect the results of a change in pupil count resulting from District or CDE audit. In addition, to the extent the District experiences any reduction in state equalization support by a legislative rescission or other action, proportionate reductions will be made to the Charter School funding herein by adjustment or set off in subsequent months. Further, if any significant alteration is made to the Finance Act, the parties shall be required to reexamine and renegotiate in good faith the funding of the Charter School to take into consideration the changes in the Finance Act. The parties recognize and understand that under the current version of the Finance Act, neither the Charter School nor the District will receive funding for students in the year of enrollment if the student first enrolls in the Charter School or the District after the October 1 count date.
Funding Adjustments. As of the effectiveness of this Amendment (and after giving effect to any adjustments of Commitments effected by the amendment of Schedule II to the Credit Agreement), if the aggregate outstanding Loans of any Bank are less than or exceed such Bank's Ratable Portion of all outstanding Loans, such Bank shall forthwith on such date make an additional Loan hereunder (in the case of a deficiency), or, the Borrower shall repay such Bank's Loans (in the case of an excess) in such amount as shall be necessary to cause such Bank's Loans thereafter to equal its Ratable Portion of all outstanding Loans on the date hereof.
Funding Adjustments. PennDOT will adjust the encumbrance of funds to pay Service Provider upon the computation of the annual payment, amendments to Snow Lane Miles and payment adjustments described in this Section of the Agreement.
Funding Adjustments. A. DCFS reserves the right to make adjustments to previously approved amounts, as necessary, based on updated eligibility ratios and will notify County of the amount of such adjustments.
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Funding Adjustments. If, and to the extent applicable or available, for the Mortgage Loan, the escrow deposits, Net SRP and any holdbacks required by Servicer.
Funding Adjustments. The amount of all Funding Adjustments shall be reflected in the purchase proceeds paid by Servicer on the Funding Date for the Servicing Rights of the Mortgage Loans.
Funding Adjustments. The Parties agree that the Base Year Cost shall annually increase no less than the average Consumer Price Index (“CPI”) for the most immediate twelve-month period before the commencement of each fiscal year during the term of the Bid. The Parties further acknowledge that the City has planned improvements in the District that may result in additional Base Level Services being provided under this agreement. However, in no case shall the City become responsible for enhanced services contemplated by the Plan and to be provided by the Association, per paragraphs 3.0 and 4.0 above. Such additional Base Level Services may be added to this agreement upon mutual agreement of the parties and adequate appropriation of funds for such purpose by the City.
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