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Charter school students average local revenues" means the amount determined as follows:

Examples of Charter school students in a sentence

  • Charter school students with disabilities and their parents retain all rights under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and its implementing state and federal rules.

  • Charter school students shall pay the same fees as other students to participate in extracurricular activities.

  • Charter school students, home education students (including FLVS Full-time) and private school students meeting criteria under F.S. 1006.15 may participate at their home zoned school or at another district school provided they have exercised school choice to that school through the district’s controlled open enrollment process.

  • Charter school students shall be eligible for the same fee waivers for which other students are eligible.

  • Charter school students are public school students, subject to all applicable policies.

  • Charter school students are eligible to participate in dual enrollment subject to the eligibility criteria described s.

  • Charter school students may also enroll independently in college coursework.

  • Charter school students will have access to transportation to the class program only if they reside in the district where the charter school is located.

  • Charter school students constitute a growing share of ninth-graders (about 28 percent of ninth-graders in 2019 vs.

  • Charter school students should consult with your Principal to determine the school at which you are eligible.

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