Visits Sample Clauses

Visits. During all visits by either party to the facilities of the other party, visitors shall comply with all reasonable rules of the host company, and each party to this Agreement will indemnify and hold the other party harmless from any liability, claim or loss whatsoever (i) for any injury to, or, death of, any of its employees or agents while such persons are present at the facility of the other party; and (ii) for any damages to its own property or to the property of any such employee or agent which may occur during the presence of any such person at the facility of the other party, regardless of how such damage occurs.
Visits. The Joint Venture Company will support Micron’s reasonable requests for visits to Facilities and meetings for the purpose of reviewing performance of production of Products including requests for further information and assistance in troubleshooting performance issues. Such requests shall be reasonably granted by the Joint Venture Company so long as such visits and meetings do not unduly interfere with the Joint Venture Company’s operations and business affairs.
Visits. D4.17 The FCO will provide appropriate support to Ministers of the devolved administrations, members of the devolved legislatures and officials travelling overseas. The FCO will recover the cost of this support as appropriate in line with its practice for charging other UK Government Departments.
Visits. (1) Visitors shall be granted access to classified information as well as to facilities in which classified information is processed or stored only to the extent necessary and with the permission of the competent State authority or agency. Permission shall be granted only to persons authorised in accordance with the national law of either Party to have access to classified information at the respective security classification level.
Visits. Union representatives, other than Agency employees, upon notification to the Fire Chief or his designee, may visit with employees during breaks, meal periods or after normal working hours - employee representatives are not required to provide notification. Visits outside of those allowed for above, may be granted only with the expressed approval of the Fire Chief or a designee and shall not disrupt the workflow.
Visits. 1. Visits involving access to Classified Information or to premises where such information is created, handled or stored, or where activities involving Classified Information are carried out, shall only be granted by one Party to visitors from the State of the other Party if a prior written permission from the Competent Security Authority of the host Party has been obtained. Such permission shall only be granted to persons who hold appropriate Personnel Security Clearance Certificates and have a Need-to-Know.
Visits. (a) The books and records pertaining to the Fund and the Portfolios which are in the possession or under the control of Fifth Third shall be the property of the Fund. Such books and records shall be prepared, maintained and preserved as required by the Investment Company Act and other applicable Securities Laws, rules and regulations. The Fund and Authorized Persons shall have access to such books and records at all times during Fifth Third's normal business hours. Upon the reasonable request of the Fund, copies of any such books and records shall be provided by Fifth Third to the Fund or to an Authorized Person, at the Fund's expense.