Weekly definition

Weekly means every seventh day (the same day of each week) and a normal operating day.
Weekly means fifty-two (52) times per calendar year such that no fewer than five (5) days and no more than ten (10) days have elapsed since the last weekly event.
Weekly means once during each calendar week.

Examples of Weekly in a sentence

  • Monitoring will cover the following parameters and their frequency of monitoring:• The use of appropriate PPEs for noise protection will be closely monitored twice a day;• Weekly checks with school and clinic authorities to ascertain possible noise impacts affecting the school and clinic by the District Engineer; and• Maintenance records for all equipment and machinery will be inspected weekly to ensure that regular maintenance is followed to reduce noise from operations.

  • Morbidity and Mortality Weekly report.Current version November 2005.

  • Disclaimer: The Weekly Nile Basin Media Radar is compiled by the Communication Office of the Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat in Entebbe, Uganda.

  • This Welfare Plan is not an insurance company and the Member Life Insurance, and AD&D Disability Waiver Reserves, Extended Health Care, Vision Care, Dental Care, Weekly Wage Indemnity, Long Term Disability, Healthcare Spending Account, Jury Duty, and Drug and Alcohol treatment benefits provided through the Welfare Plan are not insured by an insurance company regulated under the Financial Institutions Act (BC).

  • Weekly samples were taken from May to September 1993, and continued at monthly intervals between October 1993 and May 1994.Discrete water samples to determine the phyto- plankton biomass were collected at 2 m depth with a Nansen bottle, concurrently with the temperature and salinity measurements.

More Definitions of Weekly

Weekly. ’ means once every 7 operating days.
Weekly means 6 days (maximum usage time 48 hours); and
Weekly means once each 7-consecutive-days;
Weekly means per calendar week (SundaySaturday)
Weekly means a span of time covering seven consecutive calendar days.