Weekly definition

Weekly means every seventh day (the same day of each week) and a normal operating day.
Weekly means fifty-two (52) times per calendar year such that no fewer than five (5) days and no more than ten (10) days have elapsed since the last weekly event.
Weekly means once during each calendar week.

Examples of Weekly in a sentence

  • A public notice concerning the draft permit will appear in the Ohio EPA Weekly Review and the newspaper in the county where the facility will be located.

  • Weekly Planning and Reporting Meeting.The weekly planning and reporting meeting is required when specified in the plans.

  • Average Weekly Effluent Limitation (AWEL)The highest allowable average of daily discharges over a calendar week (Sunday through Saturday), calculated as the sum of all daily discharges measured during a calendar week divided by the number of daily discharges measured during that week.

  • Weekly averages shall be calculated for all calendar weeks with Saturdays in the month.

  • Persons needing materials in alternate format or communication access, should telephone this office at 541-883-5100 (voice/TDD) or the ADA Coordinator at 541-883-4296 at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled meeting.Klamath County Commissioners' Weekly Calendar is subject to change without notice.

More Definitions of Weekly

Weekly. ’ means once every 7 operating days.
Weekly means once each 7-consecutive-days;
Weekly means a span of time covering seven consecutive calendar days.
Weekly means per calendar week (Sunday – Saturday)
Weekly means a time period which requires an activity to be completed at least 52 times a year within intervals ranging from six to eight days.
Weekly means, unless otherwise stated, to have occurred any time during the period of Sunday through Saturday of a calendar week.