Freedom of Movement Sample Clauses

Freedom of Movement. Everyone has the right to liberty of movement and freedom to choose his/her residence;
Freedom of Movement. No administrative or other restrictions shall be imposed on the free movement of Members of the Tribunal, as well as other persons mentioned in articles 13 to 17, to and from the Headquarters of the Tribunal or the place where the Tribunal is sitting or otherwise exercising its functions.
Freedom of Movement. 1. Upon completion of the interim withdrawal, each Party will permit the free movement of the nationals and vehicles of the other into and within its territory according to the general rules applicable to nationals and vehicles of other states. Neither Party will impose discriminatory restrictions on the free movement of persons and vehicles from its territory to the territory of the other.
Freedom of Movement a. For the purposes of election observation, all measures necessary will be taken to ensure freedom of movement in all areas of operation.
Freedom of Movement. The Government of Mexico shall take all measures required to facilitate entry to, staying in, and exit from Mexico, as well as the freedom of movement of the Representatives of Members and Non-Member Participants, officials and experts of the Organisation and any other persons invited by the Organisation for official purposes.
Freedom of Movement. Members of the Visiting Contingent together with service vehicles, vessels, aircraft, equipment and supplies shall enjoy freedom of movement throughout Solomon Islands.
Freedom of Movement. 1.9 The Partiesforces shall initially stay in the areas under their respective control, as provided in Article 1.4 and Article 1.5.
Freedom of Movement. A. All employees performing work covered by this freedom of move- ment provision shall be from the Employer’s regular work force. When the Employer moves employees under this freedom of move- ment provision, the Employer shall notify the Union in which the work is located, the name and location of the project, the names of the employees being moved onto the project and which Locals the employees being moved are members of.
Freedom of Movement. Subject to the laws and regulations of the receiving State concerning zones entry into which is prohibited or regulated for reasons of national security, members of the consular post shall enjoy freedom of movement and travel in that State.
Freedom of Movement. All participants had intense pain, but the participant with the greatest freedom of movement had the fewest comments about pain. Xxxxxxxxx, who gave birth at home barely mentioned pain at all, even though it is clear in the narrative she had pain. She mentions the word pain in passing, when she is talking about her childbirth class. Conversely, the participants who had the greatest restriction of movement requested epidural anesthesia. Freedom of movement was related to comfort. It was important to be able to get comfortable, and to do this, participants needed to be free to chose their own position. The pain sensation receded to the background when women could move about freely or choose their own position, and it was much more difficult when movement was restricted.