Free movement Sample Clauses

Free movement. 1. Member States shall not, for reasons relating to composition, labelling or other aspects covered by this Regulation, impede the making available on the market of CE marked EU fertilising products which comply with this Regulation. (1a) By derogation from paragraph 1, those Member States which, on [please insert the date one day before the entry into force of this Regulation] benefit from a derogation from Article 5 of Regulation (EC) No 2003/2003 in relation to cadmium content in fertilising products granted in accordance with Article 114(4) TFEU may continue to apply the national limit level for cadmium content in phosphate fertilisers which is applicable in that Member State on [please insert the date one day before the entry into force of this Regulation] to EU fertilising products until such a point that a harmonised limit level for cadmium content in phosphate fertilisers which is equal to or lower than the limit level applicable in the Member State concerned on [please insert the date one day before the entry into force of this Regulation] is applicable at Union level.
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Free movement. The Contracting Parties shall make every effort within the framework of existing provisions to facilitate the free move- ment and residence of all eligible persons to the programme moving between Cyprus and the Community for the purpose of participating in the activities covered by this Agreement.
Free movement. Member States shall not impede the making available on the market in their territory of products or the provision of services in their territory that comply with this Directive for reasons related to accessibility requirements. CHAPTER III
Free movement. The Union Representative and Shop Stewards shall be entitled to move freely about the facilities of the Employer, while complying with the Employer’s internal safety rules, after having requested authorization from the Manager. Such authorization shall not be unreasonably withheld.
Free movement. The termcustoms duties and charges having equivalent effect’ echoes 6 Art. 10

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