Forfeit Sample Clauses

Forfeit. If a Team wishes to forfeit a Match, for any reason, it must make a formal request to the Tournament Operations Manager for permission to forfeit, who shall make a decision on such request at his or her sole discretion. The Tournament Operations Manager can choose to accept, or reject, the forfeit request, in accordance with whatever conditions they deem appropriate, bearing in mind the overriding requirement to protect the integrity of the Tournament.
Forfeit. If the parties have not reached agreement on the Royalties and Elpida does not exercise its Buyout Option by the Royalty Determination Date, then this Agreement shall terminate and the license from IM to Elpida set forth Section 3.5 (and any other licenses set forth in this Agreement) shall terminate. Within [*] days of such termination, Elpida shall return to IM or certify destruction of all Confidential Information provided to Elpida by IM or produced by Elpida based on CDP Developed Technology, except for Confidential Information incorporated in Elpida Inventions. Under this option, Elpida will not receive a refund for the Service fees paid up to the Royalty Determination Date and must pay the remaining CDP Fees and the HPC Workflow Subscription and Access Fees due under this Agreement. The full amount remaining in the CDP Fees and the HPC Workflow Subscription and Access Fees shall [*] Certain information in this document has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Confidential treatment has been requested with respect to the omitted portions. be invoiced by IM upon such termination and Elpida shall pay the full amount to IM within [*] days of the invoice date.
Forfeit. 9.4.1 In case the Borrower fails to perform within the established deadline the duty to pay any amount it shall pay under the Finance Document, a forfeit shall be charged on such overdue amount during the period from the date (inclusive) following the due payment date to the actual payment date (inclusive) (both before and after rendering the relevant court decision) at the annual interest rate equal to the doubled interest rate effective on the due payment date of such overdue indebtedness for each day of delay. For the purposes of this Clause 9.4.1, the Parties agree that, if the overdue amount relates to:
Forfeit. In the event a Certificate Parcel is forfeited to Purchaser pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 5721.40, the Certificate Parcel shall be transferred by Sheriffs deed to the Purchaser absolutely free and clear of all liens and encumbrances except for those specifically listed in Section 5721.40. Purchaser or Purchaser’s attorney shall provide a copy of the deed and order of forfeiture to the office of the Franklin County Auditor so that the Tax List may be adjusted to reflect no outstanding lien for property taxes as to the subject property.
Forfeit. A forfeited court will result in match points for that court (See E-Forfeitures below).
Forfeit or "forfeiture" means to cancel the purchaser's rights under a real estate contract and to terminate all right, title, and interest in the property of the purchaser and of persons claiming by or through the purchaser, all to the extent provided in this chapter, because of a breach of one or more of the purchaser's obligations under the contract. A judicial foreclosure of a real
Forfeit. All games shall be played on the date and hour scheduled (including playoff games). Games lost by forfeit for any reason will not be rescheduled. Forfeits will result in a 0 Sportsmanship Rating (please refer to Section 8: Sportsmanship). Teams must have at least the minimum number of players required present and ready to play as indicated by the specific rules for that sport to avoid a forfeit. Teams which forfeit may be removed from the league, but can be reinstated by repaying the full entry fee.
Forfeit. A forfeit will occur when a team has less than five (5) players ready to take the court, or cannot provide an umpire, ten (10) minutes after the starting times. The opposing team may then claim the four (4) premiership points.In the event of a forfeit, the opposing team and the League Administrator or designated representative must be notified by 8:00am on the morning of the scheduled match.The non-forfeiting team must complete an official League scoresheet, signed by a club representative and forward to the League Administrator or their designated representative. Four (4) points and Twenty (20) goals will be awarded to the non-forfeiting team. The first seven (7) named players are deemed to have played a game.When the forfeit notification is NOT received by the opposing club and the League Administrator or their designated representative, the defaulting club shall forfeit four (4) points in THAT grade and a $50 fine imposed. The non-forfeiting team will be awarded four (4) points and twenty ((20) goals.
Forfeit. 10.1. Should the Borrower violate one or several obligations assumed under the Agreement, except the obligation to pay the fees/charges under the Agreement, the Borrower, by the Lender's request must pay forfeit in the amount of two (2) percent of the outstanding Loan.