Dependent Care Sample Clauses

Dependent Care. The College will make available to employees, at their option, an Internal Revenue Service Code Section 129 Dependent Care plan. The plan will be established, administered, and communicated to employees by the State without cost to the employees.
Dependent Care. Both parties agree that the Telecommuting Program will not be a substitution for in-home child or dependent care. If a child or dependent is present during scheduled work hours, the employee must agree to make arrangements for the care of that child or dependent. If a child or dependent is ill, however, the employee may, on a temporary basis, provide primary care for that child or dependent while telecommuting or use Sick or Family Leave, subject to the approval of the employee's supervisor.
Dependent Care. Employees in the bargaining unit shall be eligible to participate in a salary reduction dependent care assistance plan as provided for in §33-19, Day Care As an Alternative Fringe Benefit, of the Montgomery County Code, 1984, as amended.
Dependent Care. 21.34 The CSU recognizes the importance of child care, elder care, and disabled dependent care needs to bargaining unit employees. Employees may participate in childcare programs in accordance with existing campus and systemwide policies. At an employee's request, he/she may participate in a flex-time program, upon verification of his/her dependent care needs. The appropriate administrator shall give consideration to an employee's child care, elder care, and disabled dependent care needs when an involuntary work schedule change is to be made. The decision of the appropriate administrator regarding voluntary and involuntary work schedule changes, including participation in flex-time programs, made pursuant to this provision, shall be final and shall not be subject to Article 7, Grievance Procedure.
Dependent Care. Whenever practicable, flexible scheduling and job swaps (limited to individual occurrences) shall be available for parents with dependent care responsibilities, subject to the approval of management. Decisions by the Employer concerning flexible scheduling and job swaps shall not be grievable or arbitrable.