Finish Sample Clauses

Finish. Paint finish is warranted for five years to be free of defects under normal usage for five years from date of original purchase.
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Finish. (a) All hardware shall be bonderised, cadmium plated, given a corrosion- resistant phosphate treatment or other approved rust inhibiting prime coat, to provide a rust proof base before application of finish. Finish shall be baked enamel.
Finish. Box spring shall be will finished, clean and free from defects materially affecting appearance or service. Workmanship shall conform to the best trade practice.
Finish. 12.1 Except for supporting steel structures which shall be galvanized, all equipment shall be finished with a undercoat of high quality primer followed by two coats of synthetic enamel paints.
Finish. Provide finished studs of uniform quality and condition, free from injurious laps, fins, seams, cracks, twists, bends, or other injurious defects. Produce finish by cold drawing, cold rolling, or machining.
Finish. Provide shop primed units for field finish coating in color indicated in the Drawings and as specified in Section 09900.
Finish. Provide shop primed units for field finish coating in color indicated in the Drawings and as specified in Section 09900. May 2017 C01025C17 Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station 05500 - 5 METAL FABRICATIONS
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Finish. Install (1) six foot, double-door in office wall (location by Lessee).
Finish. To avoid doubt, the references to "services" in these terms apply exclusively to access and use of the equipment and services that are directly provided by MHub and do not include and MHUB is not involved or responsible for services aside of third parties that the licensee can choose to buy in relation to his registration. In case of questions about a contract and/or you want to see the explanatory notes before buying, making it known using our management agreement of the structures of the contact form was changed the last time: on November 24, 2021 by Contracttore £ 9.00 more VAT is â £ 9.00 more VAT â £ 25.50 more VAT with the exception of this type of replacement, no new or additional equipment is covered by this agreement unless it is listed in a program of Equipment. 2) is the relationship with Guarantiesthis is not a guarantee. While it is written from the point of view of the service provider, it is a fairly balanced contract and should be acceptable for any reasonable customer in the private or public sector. The agreement should establish the agreed standard of services and manage the qualifications and the skills of the staff. For more information, consult our legal services page. There may be purchase order modules that must be issued by the customer for some services. The replacement and repair of defective parts are also covered by the manufacturer's guarantee. 3) Service for the commission established below, [maintenance company] inspect regularly and handled in good operating conditions, the detailed equipment on these program equipment. The inspection and maintenance of the equipment will vary according to nature and the commissions for the services to be performed pursuant to this agreement are established in the equipment program. 4 are:
Finish. 1. Satin etched Clear Anodized – Aluminum Association Specification AA-M10-C22-A31
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