Finish Sample Clauses

Finish when the “Uninstall Completemessage is received.
Finish. If you already have a storage policy selected in step 14, Click button available at the bottom of the page to proceed to the Configuration section.If you do not have Storage Policy created, continue with the following step.
Finish. A black and white chequered flag usually waved.
Finish. The wizard closes, and the Agents area refreshes, showing a newly created agent instance.
Finish to create the project and open it in the Studio. To create a new project after the initial startup of the Studio, do the following: 1. On the login window, select the Create a new project option and enter a project name in the field. 2. Click Create to create the project. The newly created project is displayed on the list of existing projects. 3. Select the project on the list and click Finish to open the project in the Studio. Later, if you want to switch between projects, on the Studio menu bar, use the combination File > Switch Project or Workspace.
Finish to create the project. All the samples of the demo project are imported into the newly created project, and the name of the new project is displayed in the Project list on the login screen.
Finish. All panels are to receive a factory-applied [polyvinylidene fluoride] [Kynar 500/Hylar 5000] [ ] finish consisting of a baked-on top-coat with a manufacturer's recommended prime coat conforming to the following:
Finish to validate the operation and return to the login window. To import several projects simultaneously, do the following:1. From the Studio login window, select Import an existing project then click Select to open the [Import]wizard. 2. Click Import several projects. 3. Click Select root directory or Select archive file depending on the source you want to import from. 4. Click Browse... to select the workspace directory/archive file of the specific project folder. By default, the workspace in selection is the current release's one. Browse up to reach the previous release workspace directory or the archive file containing the projects to import. 5. Select the Copy projects into workspace check box to make a copy of the imported project instead of moving it. This option is available only when you import several projects from a root directory. If you want to remove the original project folders from the Talend Studio workspace directory you import from, clear this check box. But we strongly recommend you to keep it selected for backup purposes.