The Pledged Collateral Sample Clauses

The Pledged Collateral. Pledgor acknowledges that it has, independently of and without reliance on the Secured Party, made its own credit analysis of the Company and performed its own legal review of this Agreement and the other Loan Documents and is not relying on the Secured Party with respect to any of the aforesaid items. Pledgor agrees to keep adequately informed from such means of any facts, events or circumstances which might in any way affect Pledgor’s risks hereunder. The Secured Party makes no representation of its interest in, or the priority or perfection of the Secured Party’s security interest in and to, any of the Pledged Collateral.
The Pledged Collateral. (a) Each Pledgor will cause each applicable Issuer to keep and maintain, at its address indicated in Subclause 6.3(c) (The Pledged Collateral) its corporate or limited liability company records and all records, documents and instruments constituting, relating to, or evidencing Pledged Collateral. Each Pledgor agrees to cause each applicable Issuer to permit the Security Trustee and its agents and representatives during normal business hours and upon reasonable notice, to examine and make copies of and abstracts from those records and to discuss matters relating to any Issuer and its records directly with the officers and employees of such Issuer.
The Pledged Collateral. As of the date of this Agreement, Shareholder has good, valid and marketable title to all of the Pledged Collateral that has been issued to date, free and clear of any and all Encumbrances other than the restrictions on the transfer thereof as provided in preexisting agreements with InterCept.
The Pledged Collateral. (a) The Pledged Shares have been duly authorized and are validly issued, fully-paid and non-assessable.
The Pledged Collateral. (a) In any suit, legal action, arbitration or other proceeding involving the Pledged Collateral or the Security Agent’s security interest, the Pledgor must take all lawful action to avoid impairment of the Security Agent’s security interest or the Security Agent’s rights under this Agreement or the imposition of a Lien on any of the Pledged Collateral.
The Pledged Collateral. (a) Except as expressly permitted by the Credit Agreement or this Agreement, the Pledgor:
The Pledged Collateral. (a) Except as otherwise specified in paragraph (iii) below, with respect to each Issuer of Pledged Interests pledged by such Pledgor:
The Pledged Collateral. As of the date Pledgor becomes owner of any Pledged Collateral pursuant to the Intercompany Note or otherwise, such Pledged Collateral shall be subject to no options to purchase or similar rights of any Person. Pledgor is not and will not become a party to or otherwise bound by any agreement, other than this Agreement, which restricts in any manner the rights of any present or future holder of any of the Pledged Collateral with respect thereto.
The Pledged Collateral. (a) Liggett Group keeps at its address at 100 Maple Lane, Mebane, North Carolina 27302 and Vector Tobacco keeps at its address at 3800 Paramount Parkway, Suite 250, PO Box 2010, Morrisville, NC 27560 its corporate records, stock ledger and all records, documents and instruments relating to or evidencing the Pledged Collateral.
The Pledged Collateral. (a) Each Issuer is duly formed and organized and validly existing under the laws of the applicable jurisdiction.