FEMA Sample Clauses

FEMA a. FEMA shall use Federal, Tribal, State, sub-recipient, or contractor staff whose qualifications meet the Secretary’s Professional Qualifications set forth in the Federal Register at 48 Fed. Reg. 44716-01 (September 29, 1983), as amended (Qualified), in applying Second Tier Programmatic Allowances listed in Appendix B, completing identification and evaluation of historic properties, and making determinations of effects. FEMA shall review any National Register eligibility determination and make its own findings of effect resulting from the performance of these activities prior to submitting such determinations to the SHPO and participating Tribe(s).
FEMA. The FEMA records reside in the Individual Assistance (IA) System (formerly known as the National Emergency Management Information System-Individual Assistance [NEMIS- IA]). FEMA shares information, pursuant to this CMA, included in records covered by FEMA-008 Disaster Recovery Assistance Files System of Records, 78 Fed. Reg. 25,282 (April 30, 2013). Routine Use H.1 authorizes FEMA to share information with other federal agencies for the purpose of preventing duplicate benefits and meeting unmet needs. Routine Use R authorizes FEMA to share information with other federal agencies for the purpose of conducting computer matching activities. The FEMA Disaster Recovery Assistance Files System of Records is currently pending an update and publication in the Federal Register. As part of this SORN update, Routine Uses H.1 and R will be redesignated as I.1 and S. All safeguards and protections provided by the Privacy Act, CMPPA, Judicial Redress Act (JRA) of 2015, and this Agreement regarding the use, disclosure, and security of DHS- FEMA records apply to DHS-FEMA records regarding U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents (LPRs), and certain designated foreign nationals. U.S. citizens and LPRs covered by Privacy Act of 1974 and those covered persons covered by the JRA are provided with privacy protections and legal redress (e.g., access and amendment) required by law. With respect to persons who are not covered by the Privacy Act or JRA, DHS, by policy, will still analyze official sharing requests under the Fair Information Practice Principles. However, for those individuals, no privacy rights or benefits, substantive or procedural, are intended, or should be construed, to be created by this Computer Matching Agreement, and they are not enforceable under the law against the United States, its agencies, officers, or employees. Records Estimate HUD and FEMA intend to match records after any disaster in which FEMA provides emergency sheltering or temporary housing assistance, or HUD allocates CDBG-DR funds to grantee(s). In addition, when CDBG-DR grants are warranted by the size of the disaster, FEMA records will be shared with HUD to determine allocation of CDBG-DR funds and be transferred through HUD to CDBG-DR grantees for matching. The estimated number of records FEMA and HUD’s CDBG-DR grantees will match following any disaster depends on the size and impact area of the disaster and the number of affected individuals. The damage type and cost will be determined a...
FEMA. This Agreement may be funded in part or entirely by financial assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This Agreement is conditional and contingent on incorporation of FEMA -required terms and conditions. The parties agree to meet and confer to finalize said terms and conditions, to be detailed in an Exhibit and attached hereto and incorporated as if stated herein. The parties further agree to amend this Agreement to extent necessary to conform to any applicable FEMA required terms and conditions.
FEMA. The parties agree to coordinate and work cooperatively to obtain both a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) and Letter of Map Revision (LOMR). Both the CLOMR and LOMR applications and all supporting material shall be completed by the City at its cost. ANY expansion of the existing FHA shall be to the east of the existing drainage channel. Lazy P6 agrees to direct its consultants and contractors to cooperate and provide any information relevant to the CLOMR and LOMR applications. Any Field Data of existing features required shall be collected at the City’s cost. The CLOMR shall be obtained prior to construction of the drainage crossing, water and sewer mains, private utilities, and street improvements.
FEMA. Prepare and submit for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) permit for survey of floodplain before and after construction.
FEMA a. FEMA shall use Federal, State, Subgrantee, or Contractor staff whose qualifications meet the Secretary of the Interior’s (Secretary’s) Professional Qualifications Standards (Professional Qualifications) set forth in the Federal Register at 48 Fed. Reg. 44716-01 (September 29, 1983), as amended (Qualified), in completing identification and evaluation of historic properties and in making determinations of effects. FEMA shall review any National Register eligibility assessments previously conducted and make its own findings of effect.
FEMA. 10. The Buyer, if Non Resident Indian, himself shall be solely responsible to comply with the provisions of the Foreign Exchange Management Act. 1999 (FEMA), and / or all other necessary provisions as laid down and notified by the Government or concerned Statutory Authorities from time to time, including those pertaining to remittance of payment(s) for acquisition of immovable property in India. The Buyer shall also furnish the required declaration to the First Party and Second Party on the prescribed format, if necessary. All refunds to Non- Resident Indians (NRI) and foreign citizens of Indian origin, shall, be made in Indian Rupees only.

Related to FEMA

  • Flood If any of the Improvements are located in an area identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (or any successor to that agency) as a “Special Flood Hazard Area,” flood Insurance in the amount required by Lender.

  • Nuclear Hazard This Exclusion A.7. pertains to Nuclear Hazard to the extent set forth in M. Nuclear Hazard Clause under Section I – Conditions.

  • Insurance Programs 1. The District agrees to provide a program of life, medical and dental insurance benefits for teachers. The District shall offer each employee a choice between the following two (2) programs of medical and health care:

  • Substance Abuse Program The SFMTA General Manager or designee will manage all aspects of the FTA-mandated Substance Abuse Program. He/she shall have appointing and removal authority over all personnel working for the Substance Abuse Program personnel, and shall be responsible for the supervision of the SAP.

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development This includes a HUD produced video titled “The Basics of the Fair Housing Act” which can be accessed via YouTube at xxxxx://xxx.xxxxxxx.xxx/watch?v=egXPe7HT7tc. Relief for Complainant

  • Flood Zone The Property is not located in an area identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a special flood hazard area, or, if so located the flood insurance required pursuant to Section 5.1.1(a) is in full force and effect with respect to the Property.

  • Health Care Insurance While a faculty member is on an approved leave of this type, the faculty member will be advised regarding the right to continue health care benefits in accordance with COBRA during the period of unpaid absence.

  • SUBSTANCE ABUSE POLICY 6.6.1. Labor and Management are committed to providing employees with a drug-free and alcohol-free workplace. It is the goal to protect the health and safety of employees and to promote a productive workplace, and protect the reputation of Labor and Management and the employees.