Distribution Fee Sample Clauses

Distribution Fee. In addition to the Service Fee, the Trust, on behalf of the Series, will pay to the Distributor a fee (the "Distribution Fee") at an annual rate of 0.75% (unless reduced as contemplated by and permitted pursuant to the next sentence hereof) of the Series' average daily net assets attributable to the Class B shares in consideration of the services rendered in connection with the sale of such shares by the Distributor. The Trust will not terminate the Distribution Fee in respect of Series assets attributable to Class B shares, or pay such fee at an annual rate of less than 0.75% of the Series' average daily net assets attributable to the Class B shares, unless it has ceased, and not resumed, paying the Service Fee (or any other fee that constitutes a "service fee" as defined in the NASD Rule) to CDC IXIS Distributors (or to any affiliate of CDC IXIS Distributors, or to any other person in circumstances where substantially all of the services and functions relating to the distribution of Class B shares of the Series have been delegated to, or are being performed by, CDC IXIS Distributors or an affiliate of CDC IXIS Distributors). Subject to such restriction and subject to the provisions of Section 7 hereof, the Distribution Fee shall be as approved from time to time by (a) the Trustees of the Trust and (b) the Independent Trustees of the Trust. The Distribution Fee shall be accrued daily and paid monthly or at such other intervals as the Trustees shall determine. The obligation of the Series to pay the Distribution Fee shall terminate upon the termination of this Plan or the relevant distribution agreement between the Distributor and the Trust relating to the Series, in accordance with the terms hereof or thereof, but until any such termination shall not be subject to any dispute, offset, counterclaim or defense whatsoever (it being understood that nothing in this sentence shall be deemed a waiver by the Trust or the Series of its right separately to pursue any claims it may have against the Distributor and enforce such claims against any assets of the Distributor (other than its right to be paid the Distribution Fee and to be paid contingent deferred sales charges)). The right of CDC IXIS Distributors to receive the Distribution Fee (but not the relevant distribution agreement or CDC IXIS Distributor's obligations thereunder) may be transferred by CDC IXIS Distributors in order to raise funds which may be useful or necessary to perform its duties as principa...
Distribution Fee. With respect to each Class T Share, the Company will pay to the Dealer Manager a distribution fee (the “Distribution Fee”), which accrues daily and is calculated on outstanding Class T Shares issued in the primary offering in an amount equal to one percent (1.0%) per annum of (i) the current offering price per Class T Share or (ii) if the Company is no longer offering Primary Shares in a public offering, the most recent gross offering price or the estimated per share value of Class T Shares, if any has been disclosed. The Company will pay the Distribution Fee to the Dealer Manager monthly in arrears. The Dealer Manager may reallow the Distribution Fees to the Participating Dealers who sold the Shares giving rise to such fees to the extent the Participating Dealer Agreement with such Participating Dealer provides for such a reallowance. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the Dealer Manager is notified that the Participating Dealer who sold the Class T Shares giving rise to the Distribution Fees is no longer the Participating Dealer of record with respect to such Class T Shares, then such Participating Dealer’s entitlement to the Distribution Fees related to such Class T Shares shall cease, and the Participating Dealer shall not receive the Distribution Fees for any portion of the month in which the Participating Dealer is not the Participating Dealer of record on the last day of the month; provided, however, if the change in the broker dealer of record with respect to such Class T Shares is made in connection with a change in the registration of record for such Class T Shares on the Company’s books and records (including, but not limited to, a re-registration due to a sale or a transfer or a change in the form of ownership of the account), then the Participating Dealer shall be entitled to a pro rata portion of the Distribution Fees related to such Class T Shares for the portion of the month for which the Participating Dealer was the broker dealer of record. Thereafter, such Distribution Fees may be reallowed by the Dealer Manager to the then-current Participating Dealer of record of the Class T Shares if any such Participating Dealer of record has been designated (the “Servicing Broker Dealer”); provided, that, such reallowance shall only be paid to the extent such Servicing Broker Dealer has entered into a Participating Dealer Agreement or similar agreement with the Dealer Manager (the “Servicing Agreement”) and such Selected Dealer Agreement or Servicing ...
Distribution Fee. 0.75% VPD intends to pay a quarterly fee to qualifying dealers at the equivalent of 0.75% annually, based on the average daily net asset value of Class T shares sold by such dealers and remaining on the Fundsbooks during the period in which the fee is calculated. The Class T Distribution Fee is paid beginning in the 13th month following each purchase. See below for Terms and Conditions for Service and Distribution Fees.
Distribution Fee. The distribution fee payable to the Dealer Manager with respect to the Class A Shares and reallowable to Participating Broker-Dealers with respect to Class A Shares sold by them as described in the Prospectus.
Distribution Fee. The Company will pay to the Dealer Manager a distribution fee with respect to Class A shares only equal to 1/365th of 0.50% of the Company’s NAV allocable to Class A shares each day during the term of this Agreement (the “Distribution Fee”); provided, however, that the Distribution Fee shall not begin to accrue until the date upon which the Company has received and accepted subscriptions for the Minimum Offering and the Escrow Agent has released the proceeds from the Escrow Account to the Company. The Company will pay the Distribution Fee to the Dealer Manager on a quarterly basis in arrears not later than 30 calendar days after the end of each quarter. The Dealer Manager will reallow the Distribution Fee to Participating Broker-Dealers. The Dealer Manager will not be entitled to receive Distribution Fees after the earlier of: (i) the date on which the aggregate selling commissions, Distribution Fees, Dealer Manager Fees (as defined in Section 5.2(c) below) and all other forms of underwriting compensation (as defined in accordance with applicable FINRA rules) received by the Dealer Manager and all Participating Broker-Dealers exceeds 10.0% of the gross proceeds raised from the sale of Primary Shares in the Offering, and (ii) the thirty-year anniversary of the commencement of the Offering. The Company will not pay the Dealer Manager a Distribution Fee with respect to Class W shares.
Distribution Fee. Each Fund will pay the Distributor an ongoing quarterly fee at an annualized rate of _____% of the net assets of the Fund and such fee shall be paid by the Distributor to the applicable Financial Intermediaries as set forth in the Registration Statement and only after, for so long as and to the extent that the Distributor has received such sales loads from the applicable Fund.
Distribution Fee. 6.1. Subject to the Operator providing accurate and complete monthly Report(s) pursuant to Section 12 of this Agreement and paying the Monthly Subscription Fee, the Broadcaster shall pay Operator the fees calculated under Clause 6.2 below (“Distribution Fee”).
Distribution Fee. The distribution fee or any similar ongoing fee payable to the Dealer Manager as additional compensation for serving as the dealer manager for the Offering, pursuant to the then-current dealer manager agreement between the Company and the Dealer Manager.