Total Fees definition

Total Fees means the total fees payable by you for your own Care other than as part of a Treatment Package.
Total Fees. The total of the fees.
Total Fees means the tuition fees and other fees (including without limitation enrolment application fees, administration fees, course materials/resources fees, assessment re-sit fees and late fees) applicable to the relevant course as set by ASG from time to time.

Examples of Total Fees in a sentence

  • Any such variation will incur an administrative charge of 20% of the Total Fees (plus VAT).

  • Any forfeiture to Owner of Total Fees or Deposits is not intended as a penalty but rather is intended to compensate Owner for damages and lost business opportunities, which damages and lost opportunities would be difficult or impossible to calculate on the date hereof.

  • Services Reference Fees Estimated Expenses Total Fees and Estimated Expenses* [e.g., Time and Materials Services] Exhibit 1 Total *Fees and expenses are in accordance with the referenced exhibit(s) and in accordance with Appendix C, Pricing Index of DIR Contract No. DIR-TSO-2539.

  • Total Fees Due: $ Method of Payment: ☐ Cheque – Please make cheque payable to Municipality of Shuniah ☐ Money Order – Please make payable to Municipality of Shuniah ☐ Cash/Debit – Please make arrangements to visit our Administration Office to pay Photo and Video Consent and Release Form I am the parent/guardian of (FULL NAME) (“My Child”).

  • Contractor will invoice the District monthly for the amount of time actually expended during the applicable monthly period by its personnel providing the Services (that has not been previously invoiced) based on Contractor’s standard hourly rates as reflected on Schedule “2-A” attached to the Agreement and incorporated herein for all purposes (“Fees”); provided that in no event will Contractor invoice the District for any Fees in excess of the Cap on Total Fees.

More Definitions of Total Fees

Total Fees means all costs, including without limitation,
Total Fees means the Fees incurred (at the time of invoicing) in providing the Service to the Client; and
Total Fees means, in respect of a Retailer Order, the aggregate of the Listing Price for all Products ordered, the Shipping Price and transaction fees that Spocket may impose and any applicable sales, value added or similar taxes; and
Total Fees. DUE: $ Due by: Date: Amount Paid: $ Balance Due: $ Rec. By: Date: Amount Paid: $ Balance Due: $ Rec. By: Rental Application Senior Center Applicant/Payee Name: All fees MUST be paid by the Applicant/Payee ONLY – NO EXCEPTIONS! Address: City/State/Zip: Mailing Address (If Different): City/State/Zip: Phone: Alt. Phone: E-mail Address: Alternate Contact Person: For emergency ONLY! Address: City/State/Zip: Phone: Event Date(S): # of Guests: Event Hours: Event Type: ALCOHOL: SERVED: Y / N SOLD: Y / N Alcohol is NOT allowed at events held for MINORS. Including but not limited to: Quiceneras, Birthday Parties, Baptisms, etc.
Total Fees. As outlined in the table above. Basic Data Management: FREE, Advanced Data Management: $65/mo Payment Schedule: Payable in advance on 1st day of each month Delivery Schedule: File Transfer Data shall be delivered by Partner to Parable Group each night via the data- collection service selected by Parable Group. Parable Group may withhold delivery of Reports should Partner fail to timely deliver File Transfer Data.