Explosives Sample Clauses

Explosives. Explosives or other highly flammable substances shall not be stored on Railroad's property without the prior written approval of Railroad.
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Explosives. Explosives shall be transported to the Site only when required to perform the Work under this Agreement and with abundant, prior notice to and written approval of Owner. Contractor shall be responsible for properly purchasing, transporting, storing, safeguarding, handling and using explosives required to perform the Work under this Agreement. Contractor shall employ competent and qualified personnel for the use of explosives and, notwithstanding any other provision in this Agreement to the contrary, shall assume full responsibility for damages claimed by any Third Party to the extent caused by the improper use of explosives by Contractor or any Subcontractor or Sub-subcontractor. Residual surplus explosives shall be promptly removed from the Site and properly disposed of by Contractor.
Explosives. The use of explosives will not be permitted without express written approval of Princeton University. In the event that Contractor believes and determines that use of explosives rather than other excavation and/or rock removal methods would provide cost savings or other benefit to Princeton University, Contractor may propose use of explosives as a Substitution in accordance with Clause B9 hereof. In support of its explosives proposal, in addition to the submission requirements of Clause B9, Contractor shall submit a detailed explosives use plan which shall include, but not be limited to: (i) a detailed description of the type and size of explosive charges, proposed locations, and methodology for placement and detonation; (ii) a proposed schedule for all explosive use; (iii) a detailed safety plan; (iv) a detailed plan to protect all adjacent and potentially affected existing structures, landscape and hardscape, and the Work itself; and (v) the qualifications, references and licenses of the proposed explosives Subcontractor, together with proof of insurance for all risks related to use of explosives.
Explosives ammunitions, fireworks and flares. Ammunition including blank cartridges, hand guns, fireworks, and pistol cabs.
Explosives. ‌ When the use of explosives is necessary in performance of the Work, Contractor shall exercise the utmost care in the handling and usage of such explosives for the protection of life and property. All explosives shall be stored in a safe manner in storage clearly marked “Dangerous- Explosives,” and shall be placed in the care of competent watchmen. When the use of explosives becomes necessary, Contractor shall furnish to County proof of insurance coverage, adequately providing public liability and property damage insurance as a rider attached to its regular policies, unless otherwise included in the policies themselves.
Explosives. The Political Body shall not discharge any explosives on or in the vicinity of the Railroad's property without the prior consent of the Railroad's Vice President-Engineering Services, which shall not be given if, in the sole discretion of the Railroad's Vice President-Engineering Services, such discharge would be dangerous or would interfere with the Railroad's property or facilities. For the purposes hereof, the "vicinity of the Railroad's property" shall be deemed to be any place on the Railroad's property or in such close proximity to the Railroad's property that the discharge of explosives could cause injury to the Railroad's employees or other persons, or cause damage to or interference with the facilities or operations on the Railroad's property. The Railroad reserves the right to impose such conditions, restrictions or limitations on the transportation, handling, storage, security and use of explosives as the Railroad, in the Railroad's sole discretion, may deem to be necessary, desirable or appropriate.
Explosives. (1) No ship having explosives on board shall go alongside a wharf for any purpose except by permission of the Marine Manager.
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Explosives. 15.01 Lessee shall not use explosives at any time or in any manner unless approved by District Forester.
Explosives. CONTRACTOR shall not use or store explosives in the performance of the Services unless CONTRACTOR first obtains DCAMM’s prior written specific approval. If DCAMM approves the use or storage of explosives during the performance of the Services, CONTRACTOR shall first comply with all Laws and obtain all permits, approvals, and certificates required in connection with the same and shall exercise best efforts, including but not limited to the employment and supervision of properly qualified personnel, to prevent damage, injuries, and accidents involving said explosives.
Explosives. Employees working explosives as defined by terminology of the “International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code” (1994) in Class 1, with the exception of Division 1.4 shall be paid a minimum of one hour at the rate of one-and-one-half times the shift rate. When employees are working explosives into or out of a vessel, all other employees working the same ship shall be paid explosive rates. When cargo is being loaded into or discharged from a vessel’s hold containing explosives which are not “magazined”, all employees working this vessel shall be paid explosive rates until the hatches are battened down. If, however, explosives are in a magazine the foregoing shall not apply.
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