Excluding Sample Clauses

Excluding. HOWEVER, from the foregoing grant of the Lien and security interest of this Indenture and from the Trust Indenture Estate, (i) all Excepted Payments, including without limitation all right, title and interest of the Owner Participant in, to and under the Tax Indemnity Agreement and any moneys due or to become due under the Tax Indemnity Agreement and all rights to collect and enforce Excepted Payments and (ii) rights granted to or retained by the Owner Trustee or the Owner Participant hereunder and SUBJECT TO the following provisions:
Excluding. Part-Time Teachers (as defined by Section 89-6, HRS); Substitute Teachers, Adult Education Teachers except those on annual contract, Summer School Teachers, Summer School Supportive Staff (Counselors, Librarians, etc.); Special Contract Teachers (Consultants, Special Projects, Workshop Teachers, etc.); ROTC Instructors, Driver Training and Educational Instructors, Public Law (PL) 89-10 Chapter 1 (not on regular teacherssalary schedule); Language Arts Lay Readers; Non-Teacher Athletic Coaches; Home/Hospital Instruction Teachers (as defined by Section 89-6, HRS); Non-Teachers, Non-Athletic Activities Supervisors; Part-Time Advisors, PL 89-10 Chapter 1 (Drop Out Program); Civil Defense Teachers; National Teachers Corps Interns; Student Teachers; Vocational Home Economics Teachers (as defined by Section 89-6, HRS); and Vocational Agriculture Teachers (as defined by Section 89-6, HRS). It is understood that references to male teachers shall include female teachers. It is further understood that references to teachers shall include all bargaining unit members unless specifically noted otherwise.
Excluding. (i) all Indebtedness that is not secured by a first priority Lien on any Collateral (other than Liens permitted under Section 7.01(i) of the Agreement) $