Excluded Work Sample Clauses

Excluded Work. Services subject to procurement under Government Code, Chapter 2254, Subchapter A, the Professional Services Procurement Act, and Transportation Code, §223.041, shall not be performed under this contract. DocuSign Envelope ID: DA32A69B-1D30-4BA2-9835-77EA74120B98
Excluded Work. Any employee outside of the bargaining unit shall not perform work normally performed by an employee in the bargaining unit except:
Excluded Work. We are not hired to provide any of the following services:
Excluded Work. Work excluded from this Agreement includes, but is not limited to the following:
Excluded Work. Without limiting any other provision of this Contract, the following work is excluded from the Work:  The SR 99 Work;  The City of Fresno Excluded Work; and  All relocation, removal, alteration, or other work with respect to Utilities that are Excluded Third Party Facilities, except for work which a Contract Document expressly states is applicable to Excluded Third Party Facilities.
Excluded Work. For the avoidance of doubt, the following areas and tasks are not within the scope of EN’s authority or responsibility under this Agreement:
Excluded Work. The Employer agrees that supervisors will not perform work normally done by members of the bargaining unit, except in cases of emergency or for job instruction. The Employer agrees that no employee shall work out of classification except in case of emergency or when management determines that the work load dictates otherwise.
Excluded Work. No reimbursement will be made by the Lessor in respect of the following:

Related to Excluded Work

  • Excluded Expenditures The Recipient undertakes that the proceeds of the Financing shall not be used to finance Excluded Expenditures. If the Association determines at any time that an amount of the Financing was used to make a payment for an Excluded Expenditure, the Recipient shall, promptly upon notice from the Association, refund an amount equal to the amount of such payment to the Association. Amounts refunded to the Association upon such request shall be cancelled.

  • Excluded Services The Hoosier Healthwise program exclude some benefits from coverage under managed care. These benefits are available under traditional Medicaid or other waiver programs and are therefore excluded from the programs as described below. A member who is, or will be, receiving excluded services must be disenrolled from managed care in order to be eligible for the services. The Contractor is responsible for the member’s care until the member is disenrolled from the plan unless stated otherwise. The Hoosier Healthwise MCE Policies and Procedures Manual describe member disenrollment in greater detail. Listed below are the services excluded from the Hoosier Healthwise program.