Ethics Sample Clauses

Ethics. The Consultant shall keep informed of and comply with the Wyoming Ethics and Disclosure Act (Wyo. Stat §9-13-101, et seq.), and any and all ethical standards governing the Consultant’s profession.
Ethics. No officer, agent or employee of the Board is or shall be employed by Provider or has or shall have a financial interest, directly or indirectly, in this Agreement or the compensation to be paid hereunder except as may be permitted in writing by the Board’s Code of Ethics, adopted May 25, 2011 (11-0525-PO2), as amended from time to time, which policy is hereby incorporated by reference into and made part of this Agreement as if fully set forth herein.
Ethics. The Provider agrees to ensure that each individual providing services under this agreement operates ethically in accordance with the Provider's ethics policy and state ethics laws and, as appropriate, in compliance with all relevant Codes of Ethics, Professional Standards or Best Practice Guidelines of the profession(s) represented. The provisions of the state ethics statutes and the Code of Ethics, Professional Standards or Best Practice Guidelines of the professions supersede anything to the contrary contained in the policies of the Provider or the Provider's procedures and practices.
Ethics. 1. The Members of the Tribunal and of the Appeal Tribunal shall be chosen from persons whose independence is beyond doubt. They shall not be affiliated with any government.1 They shall not take instructions from any government or organisation with regard to matters relating to the dispute. They shall not participate in the consideration of any disputes that would create a direct or indirect conflict of interest. In doing so, they shall comply with Annex 11 (Code of Conduct for Members of the Tribunal, Members of the Appeal Tribunal and Mediators). In addition, upon appointment, they shall refrain from acting as counsel or as party-appointed experts or witnesses in any pending or new investment protection dispute under this or any other agreement or under domestic laws and regulations.
Ethics. The Shelter Management Agency represents, warrants and covenants that it has given no commitments, payments, gifts, kickbacks, lavish or expensive entertainment, or other things of value to any employee or agent of DUSIB, or its nominated agencies in connection with the Agreement and acknowledges that the giving of any such payment, gifts, entertainment, or other things of value is strictly in violation of DUSIB’s standard policies and may result in cancellation of this Agreement.
Ethics. The Concessionaire by signature on this document, certifies that it: (i) has reviewed and understands the Ohio ethics and conflict of interest laws as found in Ohio Revised Code Chapter 102 and in Ohio Revised Code Sections 2921.42 and 2921.43, and (ii) will take no action inconsistent with those laws. The Concessionaire understands that failure to comply with Ohio’s ethics and conflict of interest laws is, in itself, grounds for termination of this Agreement and may result in the loss of other contracts or grants with the State of Ohio.
Ethics. 10.1. The Contractor will ensure that any work carried out at the Contractor’s facilities that is in any way connected with this Project is conducted in accordance with the NC3Rs guidelines as may be issued or referred to from time to time by the NC3Rs, copies of which are to be made available to the Contractor as appropriate.