Equity Incentive Awards Sample Clauses

Equity Incentive Awards. Executive shall be eligible to receive grants of equity-based long-term incentive awards, which may include options to purchase Company stock, performance or restricted stock units and Company restricted stock contributions to Company’s deferred compensation plan, or other equity-based awards. Such awards shall be determined in the discretion of the Board. In the event of a Change of Control (as defined in the Redwood Trust, Inc. Executive Deferred Compensation Plan) in which the surviving or acquiring corporation does not assume the Executive’s outstanding equity-related awards (including options and equity-based awards granted both before and after the Effective Date) or substitute similar equity-related awards, such equity-related awards shall immediately vest and become exercisable if the Executive’s service with the Company has not terminated before the effective date of the Change of Control; provided, however, that the foregoing provision shall only apply if the Company is not the surviving corporation or if shares of the Company’s common stock are converted into or exchanged for other securities or cash.
Equity Incentive Awards. With respect to the stock options, restricted stock awards, restricted stock units and/or other equity incentive awards (the “Equity Incentive Awards”) granted pursuant to the stock-based compensation plans of the Company and its subsidiaries, including without limitation the Company’s 2009 Equity Incentive Plan ( the “Company Stock Plans”), (i) each Equity Incentive Award intended to qualify as an “incentive stock option” under Section 422 of the Code so qualifies, (ii) each grant of an Equity Incentive Award was duly authorized no later than the date on which the grant of such Equity Incentive Award was by its terms to be effective (the “Grant Date”) by all necessary corporate action, including, as applicable, approval by the board of directors of the Company (or a duly constituted and authorized committee thereof) and any required stockholder approval by the necessary number of votes or written consents, and the award agreement governing such grant (if any) was duly executed and delivered by each party thereto, (iii) each such grant was made in accordance with the terms of the Company Stock Plans, the Exchange Act and all other applicable laws and regulatory rules or requirements, including the rules of the New York Stock Exchange (the “Exchange”) and any other exchange on which Company securities are traded, and (iv) each such grant was properly accounted for in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in the United States applied on a consistent basis in the financial statements (including the related notes) of the Company and disclosed in the Company’s filings with the Commission in accordance with the Exchange Act and all other applicable laws. The Company has not knowingly granted, and there is no and has been no policy or practice of the Company of granting, Equity Incentive Awards prior to, or otherwise coordinating the grant of Equity Incentive Awards with, the release or other public announcement of material information regarding the Company or its subsidiaries or their results of operations or prospects.
Equity Incentive Awards. Notwithstanding the provisions in any stock option award, restricted stock award or other equity incentive compensation award (the "Awards"), the Executive shall become fully vested in all outstanding Awards and all otherwise applicable restrictions shall lapse and for purposes of determining the length of time the Executive has to exercise rights, if applicable under any such Award, the Executive shall be treated as if he had retired from the service of the Company at or after age 55 and completion of ten years of service.
Equity Incentive Awards. In the event a Change of Control (as hereinafter defined) occurs during the Executive’s employment, notwithstanding any provision of this Agreement or any other agreement governing any equity incentive awards granted to the Executive, any outstanding stock options or restricted stock awards granted to the Executive by FTD, Inc., FTD or any subsidiary of either company shall vest in full and become immediately exercisable, and any restrictions relating thereto shall lapse, upon the occurrence of such Change of Control.
Equity Incentive Awards. Each equity incentive award granted by the Company under the Company’s equity incentive plans was granted (i) in accordance with the terms of such plan and (ii) any option was granted with an exercise price at least equal to the fair market value of the Common Stock on the date such stock option would be considered granted under GAAP and applicable law. No stock option granted under any Company stock option plan has been backdated. The Company has not knowingly granted, and there is no and has been no Company policy or practice to knowingly grant, stock options prior to, or otherwise knowingly coordinate the grant of stock options with, the release or other public announcement of material information regarding the Company or its Subsidiaries or their financial results or prospects.
Equity Incentive Awards. Executive will be eligible to receive awards of stock options, restricted stock units, performance stock units, or other equity awards pursuant to any plans or arrangements the Company may have in effect from time to time. The Company’s Board of Directors (the “Board”) or its Compensation Committee will determine in its discretion whether Executive will be granted any such equity awards and the terms of any such award in accordance with the terms of any applicable plan or arrangement that may be in effect from time to time.
Equity Incentive Awards. Executive shall be eligible to participate in the Alta Mesa Resources, Inc. 2018 Long Term Incentive Plan (the “LTIP”) or any other incentive plan sponsored by the Company which provides for equity grants of incentive awards. The terms and conditions of any equity incentive award granted to Executive shall be set forth in the incentive plan document and award agreement governing such award.
Equity Incentive Awards. During the Term, Executive shall be eligible to receive annual equity awards (“Equity Awards”) under the Parent’s long-term incentive plan, with such Equity Awards of a nature and type and in such amounts as determined in the sole discretion of the Board or the Compensation Committee. Unless otherwise established by the Board or the Compensation Committee, the Equity Awards granted to Executive each year, if any, shall have an aggregate target value of 200% of the annualized rate of Executive’s Effective Base Salary at the time the grant is approved; provided, however, that the actual value of such Equity Awards, shall be determined in the sole discretion of the Board or the Compensation Committee at the time of grant. All such Equity Awards shall be subject to the vesting requirements and other terms and conditions determined by the Board or the Compensation Committee and the award agreements pursuant to which they are granted, as may be modified by this Agreement.