Options to Purchase Sample Clauses

Options to Purchase. There are no options to purchase, rights of first refusal or other similar agreements with respect to the Property which will survive Closing which give anyone the right to purchase the Property or any part thereof. There are no contracts or agreements which affect the Property, except as set forth herein.
Options to Purchase. (a) After the occurrence of a Purchase Option Trigger Event (as defined below), each Bank shall have the option to purchase all (but not less than all) of the outstanding Obligations owed to the Noteholders at a purchase price equal to 100% of the amount of such Obligations on the date of purchase (including all interest thereon to the date of purchase), plus an amount equal to the Yield-Maintenance Amount which would be payable under the applicable Note Purchase Agreement if the Senior Notes were prepaid pursuant to the optional prepayment provisions of the applicable Note Purchase Agreement on such date of purchase.
Options to Purchase. Right of First Refusal. Should Landlord during the Term enter into an agreement to sell the Premises, or any portion thereof, (“Sales Agreement”) Landlord shall provide to Tenant a written notice of intent to sell (“Notice”) with a copy of the Sales Agreement. Tenant shall have and may exercise an option to acquire the Premises, or the portion thereof subject to the Sales Agreement, on the same terms and conditions, other than as to the identity of the purchaser and date for closing, as are set forth in the Sales Agreement. If Tenant does not within 30 days after receiving the Notice and copy of the Sales Agreement give Landlord written notice of Tenant’s intention to exercise such option, then subject to and as provided by the Sales Agreement Landlord may sell the Premises or portion thereof covered by the Sales Agreement by no later than the 150th day after receipt by Tenant of the Notice and copy of the Sales Agreement. If Landlord does not timely so sell the Premises or varies the terms of the Sales Agreement, Landlord shall again comply with the terms of this Section 15 as if no Notice had ever been given. If Tenant timely notifies Landlord of its intent to exercise such option, then at such time as Tenant may specify, but no later than 90 days following receipt by Landlord of such notice from Tenant, and at such place within the city or town where the Premises is located as Tenant may specify, or such other place and time and Landlord and Tenant may agree, Tenant shall exercise its option by purchasing, and Landlord shall sell to Tenant, the Premises or portion thereof subject to the Sales Agreement.
Options to Purchase. 26.1 LANDLORD'S OPTION TO PURCHASE TENANT'S PERSONAL PROPERTY; TRANSFER OF LICENSES. Provided Tenant has not exercised its option pursuant to Section 26.2 hereof, effective upon not less than ninety (90) days prior notice given at any time within one hundred eighty (180) days prior to the expiration of the Term of this Lease, or upon such shorter Notice as shall be reasonable if this Lease is terminated prior to its expiration date, Landlord shall have the option to purchase all (but not less than all) of Tenant's Personal Property, if any, at the expiration or termination of this Lease, for an amount equal to the then fair market value thereof, taking into account and with appropriate price adjustments for, all equipment leases, conditional sale contracts, UCC-1 financing statements and other encumbrances to which such Tenant's Personal Property is subject. Upon the expiration or termination of the Lease and such purchase by Landlord, Tenant shall use good faith efforts, at Landlord's sole cost and expense, to transfer and assign to Landlord or its designee, or assist Landlord or its designee in obtaining, any contracts, licenses, and certificates required for the then operation of the Facility.
Options to Purchase. Sellers do not currently have outstanding, and will not grant, any options, rights to purchase, Contracts, or any other right entitling anyone to acquire any of the Subject Assets or the Business except as otherwise expressly contemplated herein.
Options to Purchase. (a) You have the option to purchase the Solar Facility at the following times during the Initial Term:
Options to Purchase. (1) Provided that Lessee is not then in Default, Lessee shall have the option to purchase, upon the expiration of the twenty-first (21st) quarter of the original term of this Lease (the "Early Termination Date"), all but not less than all of the Equipment upon the following terms and conditions: If Lessee desires to exercise this option it shall give Lessor written notice of its election to purchase at least thirty (30) days and not more than ninety (90) days before the Early Termination Date with respect to the first Equipment Schedule to be executed under this Lease. Such election shall be effective with respect to all Equipment leased under all Equipment Schedules. On the Early Termination Date with respect to each Equipment Schedule, Lessee shall pay to Lessor in cash the Purchase Price for the Equipment so purchased, determined as hereinafter provided. The Purchase Price of the Equipment shall be an amount equal to fifty-nine (59) percent of the original Total Invoice Cost of the Equipment (as specified on the Equipment Schedule), together with all taxes and charges upon sale (excluding any taxes calculated on the basis of net income or capital gains to Lessor). Lessor and Lessee agree that the Purchase Price represents a reasonable prediction of the Fair Market Value of the Equipment at the time the option is exercisable.
Options to Purchase. Without the prior written approval of Agent, neither the Borrower nor any Guarantor shall grant any Person any right of first refusal, right of first offer or other option to acquire a Borrowing Base Property or any Building thereon or any portion thereof or interest therein after the date hereof (provided that this §8.18 shall not prohibit a Borrower or Guarantor entering into a contract to sell a Borrowing Base Property in the ordinary course of business).
Options to Purchase all Options Shares shall vest and become exercisable on the fifth anniversary of the date hereof; provided, however, that options may vest earlier as follows:
Options to Purchase. If such Beneficiary fails to exercise such option in full within such sixty (60) day period (or if such option shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable), the Qualified Beneficiaries shall, in the sequence and manner specified in Section 5.09, have the option to purchase, at a price equal to the Purchase Price determined under Section 5.10 and on payment terms as provided under Section 5.11, that portion of the Spouse’s interest in the Trust Certificates not purchased by such Beneficiary pursuant to the option described in Section 5.08(a); provided, however, that written notice of the exercise of an option shall be delivered within the applicable option period to the Spouse, or to the personal representative of the Spouse’s estate, and to the Trustees.