Domain Sample Clauses

Domain name registration is no longer offered as an Internet Service option. The following terms apply to Customers who purchased domain name registration services from Comcast:
Domain. Confident 1 day per annum Leadership 2 days per annum
Domain i. SUDS will purchase website domain and the cost of domain is included in the Project contract, provided that the cost of preferred domain is $25 USD or less. If the domain price is over $25 USD, Customer will be invoiced for the domain purchase.
Domain. To the Borrower's knowledge, there are no pending eminent domain proceedings against the Mortgaged Properties or any part thereof, and no such proceedings are presently threatened or contemplated by any taking authority.
Domain. 2: Enhancing quality of life for people with long-term conditions.
Domain. Customer must own the Domain(s) listed on the Ordering Document. Additional domains may be added with the prior written approval of Google, which will be via email. Prior to providing the Services Google may verify that Customer owns or controls the Domains. If Customer does not own or control the Domains, then Google will have no obligation to provide Customer with the Services.
Domain. A domain refers to a unit of this case as set forth below in Paragraph 9.
Domain. Instructional Effectiveness Dimension: Adjusts Based Upon Monitoring Teacher changes instruction based on the results of monitoring.
Domain industrial and commercial field of exploitation of the Results in the field of XXXXX.