Domain Sample Clauses

Domain. Confident 1 day per annum Leadership 2 days per annum
Domain. The Customer must own the Domain(s) listed on the Ordering Document. Additional domains may be added with the prior written approval of Idevio, which will be via email. Prior to providing the Services, Idevio may verify that Customer owns or controls the Domains. If Customer does not own or control the Domains, then Idevio will have no obligation to provide Customer with the Services.
Domain. If all of the Premises or such portions of the Building as may be required for the reasonable use of the Premises, are taken by eminent domain, this Lease shall automatically terminate as of the date title vests in the condemning authority and all Rents, Additional Rents and other payments shall be paid to that date.
Domain. If any portion of the Premises which materially affects Tenant’s ability to continue to use the remainder thereof for the purposes set forth herein, or which renders the Premises untenantable, is taken by right of eminent domain or by condemnation, or is conveyed in lieu of any such taking, then this Lease may be terminated at the option of either Party. Such option shall be exercised by giving notice to the other Party of such termination within 30 days after such taking or conveyance; whereupon this Lease shall forthwith terminate and the Rent shall be duly apportioned as of the date of such taking or conveyance. Upon such termination, Tenant shall surrender to Landlord the Premises and all of Tenant’s interest therein under this Lease, and Landlord may re-enter and take possession of the Premises or remove Tenant therefrom. If any portion of the Premises is taken which does not materially affect Tenant’s right to use the remainder of the Premises for the purposes set forth herein, this Lease shall continue in full force and effect, and Landlord shall promptly perform any repair or restoration work required to restore the Premises, insofar as possible, to its former condition, and the rental owing hereunder shall be adjusted, if necessary, in such just manner and proportion as the part so taken (and its effect on Tenant’s ability to use the remainder of the Premises) bears to the whole. In the event of taking or conveyance as described herein, Landlord shall receive the award or consideration for the lands and improvements so taken; provided, however, that Landlord shall have no interest in any award made for Tenant’s loss of business or value of its leasehold interest or for the taking of Tenant’s fixtures or property, or for Tenant’s relocation expenses. Landlord and Tenant shall cooperate with one another in making claims for condemnation awards.
Domain. Seller agrees to sell and conver to Buyer, who agrees to purchase the domain name, (currently registered with GoDaddy).
Domain. The Partner will not attempt to register, buy or adopt Internet domain names consisting of any combination of the trade name "ICEWARP" with other words, numbers or characters and with any TLD(s) whatsoever, including combinations of characters which are confusingly similar to an ICEWARP domain name.
Domain. The following markets in the civilian and military domains: - Naval market: Submarines, Surface vessels, Offshore, and robots of the ROV and UVV types; with the understanding that the off-shore and robot activities are excluded from the within Agreement for a period of three years starting from the date of signing thereof, in view of the agreement existing between SORAPEC and Societe ECA (FINUCHEM Group) and signed on 26 April 2001; - Urban mass transit vehicles market.
Domain. Legalfit will, at Client’s request, (a) register Client’s domain name (subject to availability of the chosen name) on behalf of Client, and (b) maintain and manage that domain name throughout the Term. Regardless of whether Client or Legalfit registers Client’s domain name, Client agrees to provide all domain account information to Legalfit and authorizes Legalfit to access and maintain client’s domain name account throughout the Term. In the event Client has already registered its domain name, Client is responsible for maintaining DNS hosting services. Client is solely responsible for paying all registration and hosting fees to the applicable third-party(ies) throughout the Term.