Marks Sample Clauses

Marks. Unless expressly stated in an Order Form, no right or license, express or implied, is granted in this Agreement for the use of any Red Hat, Red Hat Affiliate, Client or third party trade names, service marks or trademarks, including, without limitation, the distribution of the Software utilizing any Red Hat or Red Hat Affiliate trademarks.
Marks. Neither party grants the other the right to use its trademarks, trade names, service marks or other designations in any promotion or publication without prior written consent. Each party grants only the licenses and rights specified in this Contract.
Marks. Unless expressly stated in an Order Form, no right or license, express or implied, is granted in this Agreement for the use of any Liferay, Liferay Affiliate, Customer, Customer Affiliate or third party trade names, service marks or trademarks, provided that Customer grants Liferay and its Affiliates a license to include the name and logo of Customer in listings made available to the public for the sole purpose of identifying Customer as a customer of Liferay and provided that Customer’s name and logo shall not be more prominent than any other Liferay customer’s name or logo and shall not be used in any way to include any particular endorsement of Liferay Services.
Marks. See Section 2.3(a). -----
Marks. “Marks” shall mean and include trademarks, service marks, trade names, domain names, trade dress, logos, and similar designations, whether registered or unregistered, and all applications and registrations therefor.
Marks. A. SM shall not use any HP Marks in any manner that may imply or suggest that SM is or may be a branch or entity of HP. SM shall immediately discontinue such use of an HP Xxxx upon request.
Marks. The parties agree that as between the parties, the name of the Sub-Adviser, and any logo, trademark, service mark, or trade name (collectively, “Sub-Adviser’s Marks”) are the valuable property of the Sub-Adviser. The Sub-Adviser hereby grants the Adviser and the Trust the right to use the Sub-Adviser’s Marks during the term of this Agreement. The Adviser and the Trust agree that the manner of use of the Sub-Adviser’s Marks shall be subject to Sub-Adviser’s prior approval. The Adviser and Trust will provide for review any advertisement, sales literature, or notice prior to its use that makes reference to the Sub-Adviser or uses the Sub-Adviser’s Marks so that the Sub-Adviser may review the manner and context in which it is referred to or its marks used, it being agreed that the Sub-Adviser shall have no responsibility to ensure the adequacy of the form or content of such materials for purposes of the 1940 Act or other applicable laws and regulations.
Marks a. HPE may allow you to use HPE Marks to promote the sale of HPE Products and Support or for other marketing purposes under the Agreement. The HPE Marks, the Programs and processes for securing approval to use them, and HPE’s terms of use are posted on the HPE Partner Portal.
Marks. The Franchisee hereby acknowledges that the Franchisor has the sole right to license and control the Franchisee’s use of the ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE FACTORY service xxxx and other of the Marks, and that such Marks shall remain under the sole and exclusive ownership and control of the Franchisor. The Franchisee acknowledges that it has not acquired any right, title or interest in such Marks except for the right to use such Marks in the operation of its ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE FACTORY Store as it is governed by this Agreement. Except as permitted in the Operations Manual, the Franchisee agrees not to use any of the Marks as part of an electronic mail address, or on any sites on the Internet or World Wide Web and the Franchisee agrees not to use or register any of the Marks as a domain name on the Internet.
Marks. Manufacturer hereby authorizes Distributor to use, on a nonexclusive basis for the Term, without cost to Distributor other than payment for the Products, the trademark “eSVS Mesh” and any other trademarks, service marks or trade names (The Mesh) used by Manufacturer to identify the Products, solely for Distributor’s distribution of Products and related performance under this Agreement. The Marks and the goodwill associated with the Marks are the exclusive property of Manufacturer. Distributor shall not (a) use the Marks as part of any composite xxxx including any elements not approved in advance in writing by Manufacturer, (b) challenge the validity or enforceability of the Marks during the Term or (c) acquire any proprietary right in the Marks by reason of any activities under this Agreement or otherwise. All uses of the Marks by Distributor and any additional goodwill created thereby shall inure to the exclusive benefit of Manufacturer. Manufacturer shall, at all times during the Term on reasonable notice, have the right to inspect the materials and services on or in connection with which the Marks are used in order to assure Manufacturer that Manufacturer’s quality standards relating to the Products and distributor’s servicing and other xxxx-pertinent provisions of this Agreement are being observed. If Manufacturer shall at any time reasonably object to any use to which the Marks are put, Distributor shall promptly cease any such use.