DOCTOR Sample Clauses

DOCTOR. A physician having the designation M.D. or a doctor of osteopathy having the designation D.O. acting within the legal scope of his or her license. Doctor does not include you or the Insured or a member of your family or the Insured's family. 2b. NURSING HOME. A facility or that part of one which provides room, board and inpatient care and:
DOCTOR. The term "DOCTOR" shall mean Milton Kirkwood, D. O.
DOCTOR. The term "DOCTOR" shall mean Ronald W. Kirkwood, D. O.
DOCTOR. The term "DOCTOR" shall mean Houston Physical Medicine Associates, M.D., P.A., d/b/a Texas Medical Rehabilitation & Pain Center, P.A., a Texas professional association.
DOCTOR. A Person:
DOCTOR. The term "Doctor" shall mean Maria Teresa Agner, M.D., individually or the California professional corporation, of which he/she is the majority shareholder.

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  • Medical There shall be an open enrollment period for medical coverage in each year of this Agreement. An employee may elect no medical coverage during any open enrollment period. An employee who has elected no medical coverage may elect medical coverage during an open enrollment period. No pre-existing condition limitations will apply.

  • Medical Examination Where the Employer requires an employee to submit to a medical examination or medical interview, it shall be at the Employer's expense and on the Employer's time, other than a medical examination required under Section 1.4 of Appendix 2.

  • Medical Verification The School District may require an employee to furnish a medical certificate from a qualified physician as evidence of illness, indicating such absence was due to illness, in order to qualify for sick leave pay. However, the final determination as to the eligibility of an employee for sick leave is reserved to the School District. In the event that a medical certificate will be required, the employee will be so advised.

  • Medical Director The Contractor shall employ the services of a Medical Director who is a licensed Indiana Health Care Provider (IHCP) provider board certified in family medicine or internal medicine. If the Medical Director is not board certified in family medicine, they shall be supported by a clinical team with experience in pediatrics, behavioral health, adult medicine and obstetrics/gynecology. The Medical Director shall be dedicated full-time to the Contractor’s Indiana Medicaid product lines. The Medical Director shall oversee the development and implementation of the Contractor’s disease management, case management and care management programs; oversee the development of the Contractor’s clinical practice guidelines; review any potential quality of care problems; oversee the Contractor’s clinical management program and programs that address special needs populations; oversee health screenings; serve as the Contractor’s medical professional interface with the Contractor’s primary medical providers (PMPs) and specialty providers; and direct the Quality Management and Utilization Management programs, including, but not limited to, monitoring, corrective actions and other quality management, utilization management or program integrity activities. The Medical Director, in close coordination with other key staff, is responsible for ensuring that the medical management and quality management components of the Contractor’s operations are in compliance with the terms of the Contract. The Medical Director shall work closely with the Pharmacy Director to ensure compliance with pharmacy-related responsibilities set forth in Section 3.4. The Medical Director shall attend all OMPP quality meetings, including the Quality Strategy Committee meetings. If the Medical Director is unable to attend an OMPP quality meeting, the Medical Director shall designate a representative to take his or her place. Notwithstanding the Medical Director ‘s sending of a representative, the Medical Director shall be responsible for knowing and taking appropriate action on all agenda and action items from all OMPP quality meetings.

  • Nurse is an employee included in the Bargaining Unit described in Article 2.00.

  • Medical Examinations An employee may be required by the Employer, at the request of and at the expense of the Employer, to take a medical examination by a physician of the employee's choice. Employees may be required to take skin tests, x-ray examination, vaccination, inoculation and other immunization (with the exception of a rubella vaccination when the employee is of the opinion that a pregnancy is possible), unless the employee's physician has advised in writing that such a procedure may have an adverse affect on the employee's health.

  • Professional Development Leave 20.01 The College recognizes that it is in the interests of employees, students and the College that employees are given the opportunity by the College to pursue College-approved professional development activities outside the College through further academic or technical studies or in industry where such activities will enhance the ability of the employee upon return to the College to fulfill professional responsibilities.

  • Laboratory a. Drug tests shall be conducted by laboratories licensed and approved by SAMSHA which comply with the American Occupational Medical Association (AOMA) ethical standards. Upon advance notice, the parties retain the right to inspect the laboratory to determine conformity with the standards described in this policy. The laboratory will only test for drugs identified in this policy. The City shall bear the cost of all required testing unless otherwise specified herein.

  • Expert The term “

  • Medical Care Undersigned authorize the Released Parties to call for medical care for Participant or to transport Participant to a medical facility or hospital if, in their opinion, medical attention is needed. Undersigned agree to pay all costs associated with such medical care and related transportation.