Destinations Sample Clauses

Destinations. The Company offers travel products and services in a number of destinations and you are responsible to determine what, if any, documentation (including passports and visas) are required to travel to a particular destination. By offering travel products and services in particular destinations, the Company does not represent or warrant that travel to such points is advisable or without risk and is not liable for damages or losses that may result from travel to such destinations. Moreover, the Company is not responsible for weather or seasonal conditions, which may affect your use of the Property and surrounding areas, including, but not limited to, beaches and roads. The Company and/or its Affiliates cannot be held responsible for limited signal strength, absence and/or interruption in telecommunication services including, but not limited to, internet, phone, cable and satellite reception. We urge you to consult with governmental travel reports, including alerts, warnings and advisories, before entering into this agreement.
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Destinations. The Permittee hereby warrants, represents, covenants, and agrees that Taxicabs operating under this Permit shall provide passenger transportation services from the Airport to the following destinations within the St. Louis metropolitan area: St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Xxxxxxx County, Jefferson County, St. Clair County, and Madison County. The Permittee warrants, represents, stipulates, covenants, and agrees that under no circumstances shall a passenger be refused transportation from the Airport to any destination within the St. Louis metropolitan area based on trip distance from the Airport (See Section 24.A.v).
Destinations. Contractor shall be required to transport Patients from the all areas of the Service Area, in accordance with Medical Control Destination Protocols, to appropriate medical facilities within Columbia County and the immediate surrounding counties. Contractor may transport Patients to hospitals beyond Columbia County as long distance transports at its own discretion.
Destinations. The course of the vessel, vehicle or event taken during the booking is at the sole discretion of the captain or operator in conjunction with Maritime Law, Local Harbour By-Laws and Tour Operators Law. No guarantee is given or implied by MY Templar Ltd that travelling to a destination is possible but every effort will be made to meet destination requirements.
Destinations. Hankook Tire in Hungary and it’s associated warehouse(s) • Main Asian ports as is normal for supply for Hankook Pacific
Destinations. Contractor shall be required to transport Patients from all areas of the Service Area, to appropriate medical facilities in accordance with all Medical Control Destination Protocols.
Destinations. Trip itineraries with a breadth of destinations around the world, including significant capacity for Co-Branded Expedition Cruises in five (5) key destinations: Alaska, the Galapagos, Antarctica, the Arctic, and Central America.
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Destinations. The focus of the service territory will be on key destinations for the senior population, including healthcare, grocery, senior living facilities and senior centers, and other destinations as determined through community feedback. Over this period, the service will be adjusted and honed to the needs of this community.
Destinations. Consultant will finalize the list of destinations developed through SAC/TAC input, available data provided by the City, and input from City staff. Consultant will develop a destination hierarchy based on each destination’s regional significance; this hierarchy directly influences when and how destinations are included on wayfinding signs. The final list of destinations will be provided in database format (excel format) and identify the destination name, as it should appear on the sign, and its associated hierarchy level. A brief memo will summarize the rationale for destination hierarchy and outline how it informs sign schedule development. Consultant will address one round of City comments and provide a final destination list that will inform the final sign schedule.
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