Locations Sample Clauses

Locations. The office where each Borrower keeps its books, records and accounts (or copies thereof) concerning the Collateral, each Borrower's principal place of business and all of each Borrower's other places of business, locations of Collateral and post office boxes and locations of bank accounts are as set forth in Exhibit A and at other locations within the continental United States of which Lender has been advised by a Borrower in accordance with subsection 12(b)(i). The Collateral, including, without limitation, the Equipment (except any part thereof which a Borrower shall have advised Lender in writing consists of Collateral normally used in more than one state) is kept, or, in the case of vehicles, based, only at the addresses set forth on Exhibit A, and at other locations within the continental United States of which Lender has been advised by a Borrower in writing in accordance with subsection 12(b)(i) hereof.
Locations. Promptly (but in no event less than ten (10) days prior to the occurrence thereof) notify Lender of the proposed opening of any new place of business or new location of Collateral, the closing of any existing place of business or location of Collateral, any change of in the location of Borrower’s books, records and accounts (or copies thereof), the opening or closing of any post office box, the opening or closing of any bank account or, if any of the Collateral consists of Goods of a type normally used in more than one state, the use of any such Goods in any state other than a state in which Borrower has previously advised Lender that such Goods will be used.
Locations. Such Grantor will not (i) maintain any Collateral owned by it at any location other than those locations listed on Exhibit A, (ii) otherwise change, or add to, such locations without the Collateral Agent’s prior written consent as required by the Credit Agreement (and if the Collateral Agent gives such consent, the Grantor will concurrently therewith obtain a Collateral Access Agreement for each such location to the extent required by the Credit Agreement), or (iii) change its principal place of business or chief executive office from the location identified on Exhibit A, other than as permitted by the Credit Agreement.
Locations. Give Lender at least thirty (30) days prior written notice of Debtor’s intention to relocate any of the Collateral (other than Inventory in transit) or any of the records relating to the Collateral from the locations listed on Schedule 1 attached to this Security Agreement, in which event Schedule 1 shall be deemed amended to include the new location. Any additional filings or refilings requested in writing by Lender as a result of any such relocation in order to maintain the Security Interest in such Collateral shall be at Debtor’s expense.
Locations. Each invoice shall show the location, with the street name and AAR/DOT crossing inventory number.
Locations. Annex C lists, as to Pledgor, (i) the addresses of its chief executive office, each other place of business, its state of incorporation and organizational I.D. number, (ii) the address of each location where all original invoices, ledgers, chattel paper, Instruments and other records or information evidencing or relating to the Collateral of Pledgor are maintained, and (iii) the address of each location at which any Inventory or Equipment owned by Pledgor is kept or maintained, in each instance except for any new locations established in accordance with the provisions of Section 4.2 and except for Inventory and Equipment which, in the ordinary course of business, is in transit (A) from a supplier to Pledgor or to a location listed on Annex C, (B) between locations listed on Annex C, or (C) to processors or a location listed on Annex C. Except as may be otherwise noted therein, all locations identified in Annex C are leased by the Pledgor or Pledgor has an agreement with the operator thereof to hold Inventory or Equipment on behalf of Pledgor, including pending delivery to a customer. Pledgor does not presently conduct business under any prior or other corporate or company name or under any trade or fictitious names, except as indicated beneath its name on Annex C, and Pledgor has not entered into any contract or granted any Lien within the past five (5) years under any name other than its legal name or a trade or fictitious name indicated on Annex C. Each trade or fictitious name is a trade name and style (and not the name of an independent corporation or other legal entity) by which Pledgor may identify and sell certain of its goods or services and conduct a portion of its business; all related Accounts are owned solely by the Pledgor and are subject to the Liens and other terms of this Agreement; and in no event shall Pledgor assert that products invoiced under the name of any trade or fictitious name that are subject to a dispute with Customers are not subject to the terms of this Agreement as though such trade or fictitious name did not exist.
Locations. Borrower will give Lender at least thirty (30) days --------- advance written notice of any change in Borrower's principal place of business or any change in the location of its books and records or the Collateral or of any new location for its books and records or the Collateral.
Locations. 3.1 The Supplier will be required to provide the Services in [insert list of locations] and such other locations as may be agreed between the parties in writing from time to time (the “Location(s)”).
Locations. (a) The Collateral, and the books, records, and papers of the Loan Parties pertaining thereto, are kept and maintained solely at the following locations:
Locations. No Debtor has any leased or owned location, or any Collateral located with a warehousemen or bailee, which has not been previously disclosed in writing to Agent, or is not set forth on Schedule 1 attached hereto, which sets forth the information required by Section 3.3(a)(ii) and Section 3.3(a)(iii) of the Security Agreement, as applicable, for all previously undisclosed locations.