Medical control definition

Medical control means a person who provides medical supervision to an emergency medical service provider.
Medical control means a person who provides medical supervision to an
Medical control means supervising and coordinating emergency medical services through a medical control authority, as prescribed, adopted, and enforced through department-approved protocols, within an emergency medical services system.

Examples of Medical control in a sentence

  • A strong team approach incorporating Medical control is vital, I see video communication as an excellent way to develop this team based care.Could be beneficial with the use of ultrasound.Critical care in our system is interfacilityDifficulty will be in keeping the base physician away from patients longer to view video.

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Medical control means local, regional or statewide medical direction and quality assurance of health care delivery in an emergency medical service system. On-line medical control is the medical direction given to emergency medical personnel and stretcher aid van personnel by a physician via radio or telephone. Off-line medical control is the establishment and monitoring of all medical components of an emergency medical service system, which is to include stretcher aid van service including, but not limited to, protocols, standing orders, educational programs, and the quality and delivery of on-line control;
Medical control means local, regional or statewide
Medical control means direction, through oral orders or a department−approved protocol, supervision and quality con- trol by the medical director or by a physician designated by the medical director, of the activities of an EMT−intermediate per- forming intermediate skills in the pre−hospital setting or during interfacility transport of a patient.
Medical control means the direction and advice provided through a communications device (on-line) to on-site and in-transit EMS personnel from a designated medical care facility staffed by appropriate personnel and operating under physician supervision.
Medical control means directions and advice normally provided from a centrally designated medical facility operating under medical supervision, supplying professional support through radio or telephonic communication.
Medical control means oral or written direction of medical care that certified prehospital EMS personnel provide to patients of all age groups. The oral or written direction is provided by the MPD or MPD delegate.
Medical control means the medical management of the emergency medical services system pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 1798).