Preference Shares definition

Preference Shares means the Preference Shares in the capital of the Company of $0.0001 nominal or par value designated as Preference Shares, and having the rights provided for in these Articles.
Preference Shares means shares which carry the right to payment of a dividend of a fixed amount, or not exceeding a fixed amount, in priority to payment of the dividend on another class or other classes of shares, whether with or without other rights; and
Preference Shares means the Series A Preference Shares and the Series B Preference Shares.

Examples of Preference Shares in a sentence

  • Whenever in this Agreement there is a reference to a specific number or percentage of the Preference Shares or the Warrant Shares, then, upon the occurrence of any Recapitalization, the specific number of shares so referenced in this Agreement shall automatically be proportionally adjusted to reflect the effect on the issued and outstanding shares of such class or series of shares by such Recapitalization.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, the Warrant Holder shall be treated on a pari passu basis as the holders of Preference Shares and shall not receive any of its interest and benefits as provided in the Transaction Agreements at such time or prior to or later than, and in such manner more or less favorable than, holders of Preference Shares.

  • The Conversion Price for a series of Preference Shares shall be subject to adjustment as hereinafter provided.

  • Upon the closing of a Qualified IPO (the “Mandatory Conversion Time”), all issued and outstanding Preference Shares shall automatically be converted into Ordinary Shares, at the applicable ratio described in Article 13.2(a)(i) hereof as the same may be adjusted from time to time in accordance with Article 13.2(e) hereof.

  • Members of Preference Shares shall be entitled to notice of any general meeting in accordance with these Articles.

More Definitions of Preference Shares

Preference Shares means any and all series of preference shares of the Company, including the Series A Preference Shares.
Preference Shares means the preference shares in the capital of the Corporation;
Preference Shares means preference shares in the capital of the Borrower, which have a nominal or par value of $0.0001 per share and have the rights and entitlements ascribed thereto in the Borrower’s memorandum and articles of association.
Preference Shares means shares of Series A Junior Participating Preference Stock, with no par value per share, of the Company having the rights and preferences set forth in the Resolution Designating the Rights, Preferences and Other Terms of the Preference Stock attached to this Agreement as Exhibit A.
Preference Shares means the Preference Shares of the Company, with an initial par value of $0.01 per share.
Preference Shares. ’ means the £300,000,000 in aggregate value of Fixed Rate Non-Cumulative Preference Shares of the Company;